Thursday, March 31, 2011

the sweetest thing

I have mentioned Justin is installing a tankless water heater in our house, well it has yet to be installed. It isn't Justin's fault, literally the man is great at anything he tries to do.

In fact, he even got a professional to come and check out his work.  

But low and behold, it's the actual heater that doesn't work.

So, Justin's countless hours of working, redirecting lines and pipes have all been a bust, because it's the unit that is faulty.

ANYWAY---this makes for 5 days without HOT water.  And yes we've been doing the boiling the water on the stove and bathing ordeal.

But, washing my super long hair in bath water has been hard and it takes a lot of water, many trips to the stove and back to get it done.  So I've been using dry shampoo and/or wearing my favorite ball cap.  (Thank goodness I am a SAHM because no one needs to see my hair!!)  

Well last night after Justin had put in another four hours of work on the heater after coming home from his full time job, he offered to wash my hair.


We put the baby's mattress on the counter (long and narrow so it fit just right) and my head over the sink....

Justin boiled me some water (added lots of ice) and he washed my hair!

It was just like a salon (or better) because I had someone I loved talking to me and I was laying down comfortably in my pjs.

He washed and conditioned it!  And now I feel like a new woman!

**When my husband was a little boy he would wash the clients hair at his parents salon in California as a side job.  

Justin had exactly the right touch!

It really felt like a professional doing it---and you know how nice it is to have your hair washed in the beauty shop!

So I've been thinking regardless of the hot water coming back, I may not return to doing my own hair ;)

lol kidding!


  1. That is so sweet, cute, and funny!!! Yall are so sweet together! <3

  2. aw! i love that story, so precious!

  3. that is just the sweetest thing!! :) and i'm sure it felt amazing!
    i hope you get the hot water heater figured out soon, your poor guy.

    p.s. new follower :)


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