Wednesday, March 2, 2011

sick husband

Like very sick.

I think he has the flu.

All he has done the last few days is work, come home, falls asleep.  I force feed him. He goes back to sleep. Wakes up through the night sweating with chills.

Of course the man is a workaholic and refuses to take off a day or two to rest.

Luckily I've convinced him that tomorrow if he is running fever still that he HAS to go to the doctor.

I personally don't have TIME to be sick because ya know, being the mother hen means I don't get days off nor can I just sleep once I get off work.  Because I never get off work. ;)

I just pray to God that Kie doesn't get sick.

On a bittersweet note.

Kie turns 4 months tomorrow.

Which means HE will be going to the doctor for his big boy check up.

I'll report soon.

Until next time,


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