Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Where have I been!?

Oh my how far behind I am!

I've missed blogging so much but life has taken over and it has not slowed down much yet.

First off, I went home to Atlanta-Texas last week.  (A very long 6 hour drive--thanks Dad who came and got us!)  --Btw, new mommies--Kie did NOT cry one bit!  I had 5 bottles of breast milk and a portable DVD player with Baby Einstein playing!  It helped out tremendously!!

Anyway, I was looking forward to a relaxing weekend in the country but it was anything BUT that!  I was happy to see a lot of sweet friends (Emily, Nikki, Donna, Kimberly, Beccah) and their even sweeter babies (Jonas, Naomi, Brady).  Amazing how motherhood bonds you closer to people!

 I also got to see a lot of family and get some help with little man. Of course, my father waking me and Kie up at 5 am to see if he "can hold Kie now?!" was a bit annoying at times...but I still loved how much LOVE Kie got while we were home....err, while I was home!

Though both my parents were working the week we were in town, I was able to get SOME down time to relax, I got my hair colored--got a great massage--visited the dentist (my lovely father) and also got my eyes checked.  It was a very short, productive, quick week and none of the time was long enough to sit and actually blog.

And really, so much has been going on I don't know where to begin.

Week before last was SXSW.  It was a crazy mad town here in Austin.  We were able to see a few concerts...and it was so fun to go as a FAMILY.

Daddy J, Baby K and Momma HK
St Patty's Day--Kie man is wearing his green!
Beautiful Austin, Texas

blurry skyline
fireworks after the Blue October show
Kie watching the fireworks! His first concert/first fireworks!
loved those big eyes and big leg rolls
*yes he's wearing a GRATEFUL DEAD onesie.  He's meant to be a rocker baby. 
(Though I am holding his ears with a blankie!)
Kie laughing with our (his) friend Michelle
We got to see The Strokes, Blue October and Bowling for Soup!  It was a fun few nights on the town with our friends.  And Little Man also had a great time! :) 

This week has been a bit crazy after I got back from Atlanta.

Justin has been busy working on the house, putting up new fence, staining our big deck and installing our new tankless water heater!  I'm so excited because where the water heater ONCE was is now a new empty closet that will be converted to a pantry!  Also it meant, we've not had hot water for a day or two.
 SO we had to boil our bath water on the stove with all our pots and pans.  It was kinda funny.  I felt like I was back in time, filling the tub up with warm water.

Thankfully I have an awesome husband who 'drew' my bath water for me.  And for Kie.

This weekend we are officially PLANTING our garden.  I'm so excited.  We got the soil ready and our garden area marked.  We have a lot of vegetables and herbs ready to plant!  I also got some new planting tools.  And a really big umbrella to put on our deck so Kie can lay in his pack n' play (safely out of the sun) and watch his momma garden.

I can't wait to enjoy FRESH, homegrown, organic vegetables!  

Also, on the road to healthiness (minus the milkshake I had last night) I have lost 11 lbs!  Initially after having Kie I lost 20 lbs in 3 weeks.  Since then, things have slowed down. But now, I started back losing and have slowly lost another 11lbs.

I don't know if I mentioned this before, but I had bought a bathing suit for our beach trip this coming summer and it actually looked good.  It's cute, but modest.  And it didn't look as bad as I thought.

So, I'm excited to see what it looks like on me with a little bit more weight off.  I still would LOVE to lose another 20 lbs. but either way I'm starting to fit better in my jeans and that's all that matters to me.

well I don't want to make this into a super long BLOG.
I promise to do better.

Life should calm down some.

Ha! I will probably eat those words.

Though a little man update:

Kie is rolling from back to tummy, and the back to his back.  He has started crawling! His form of crawling is scooting backwards.

He is also started to cry louder. (Not a fun update!)

Guess he's showing off his bigger baby lungs!

Anyway--Im nursing and blogging :)

But I'm going to go so I can love on my lil man!

Until next time,


sweet baby
working out his legs and arms with Dad
eating out
Lil Man making a Home Depot trip
Meme (my French grandmother) and Kie in Atlanta

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  1. what a sweet doll! i just want to squeeze him!


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