Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lil rewind & future premiers

 I need to bring my life up to speed in my blog here we go!

Starting with Valentine's was great!  We stayed in, Justin cooked me salmon (my favorite) and we made life easy and picked up a few sides from Central Market.  Which also made clean up easier on moi!  It was a sweet, quiet night in with my two best Valentine's ever.

We exchanged some gifts.  I got him a nice button down for church and the cutest pearl snap to go with his boots.  Slowly but surely I'm converting my California boy to a Cowboy. Ha!  Seriously he looks so handsome in boots!  I also wrote a funny V-Day poem on our future plans of getting our house renovated....and it came with a Home Depot gift card. Yes, so very romantic.

I got twenty-four roses, twelve red/twelve white....and two tickets to see the Blue Man Group! I was so excited! I have been wanting to see them for so long.  My parents have seen them a few times and so have my friends.  But I figured we'd have to go to Vegas to see them, luckily they were touring in Austin.

Needless to say, I was very surprised and excited to get the tickets.
(I also got a very sweet bouquet of flowers from my beautiful friend, Allison, along with some chocolates.)

That Friday, Justin's mom flew into town.  She had never met Kie, so it was a special event!  We took her out to our favorite Mexican restaurant.  It's in Little Mexico (ok, I nicknamed it that).  But it's in an area where the Mexican food is authentic.  It even has it's own Mexican bakery.

Saturday we spent the day with my parents and Vicki.  We went to Mt. Bonnell for an afternoon outside.    Then we went out to eat on the lake and spent the evening by the water, playing with Kie, enjoying desserts and great company.
Kie & his Oma
Daddy J & Lil Man on Mt. Bonnell
Then Sunday was a super special time.  Justin was getting baptized!  It was such a great service!  Justin got baptized and we had our friends and family there to witness the event!  My parents, Justin's mom, my brother Carter, my cousin Grant, my cousin Joshua (who lives in France) and also some dear friends, Bret & Jolelynn.  Not to forget our friends Shon & Nicholette.  Who actually got stuck in bad traffic due to the annual Austin Marathon.  But, they were there in spirit!  We also had a brunch at Santa Rita's after the service to celebrate.

After the church service
Justin and his Mom at Santa Rita's
Bonjour Joshua! Josh & Kie

Monday we took Vicki out on the Duck Adventures tour around Austin.  Then Tuesday she had to fly out :(  It was a great weekend with family!  Definitely a weekend we will cherish forever.

As for LAST week:

It was a pretty normal week.  Kie is growing up so fast and his personality is really showing.  He is so playful and loves to laugh!  He is desperately trying to crawl but I am trying to prevent him from being so mobile.  Yes, bad mommy!  But, I personally want him to stay a baby forever!

Thursday night we went out on our 3rd date since Kie's been born.
Uncle Carter & Chelsea babysat lil Man.

We went out to dinner at Bess's Bistro (Sandra Bullock's restaurant.)  Justin had reservations there and wouldn't tell me where we were going.  He is alway trying to surprise me.  He use to surprise me a lot when we were dating, so it kinda felt like the days of BK.  (Before Kie)

 The food was great and the atmosphere was original.  It's in an old building from the 1800's,  it was like being in a wine cellar.  Definitely industrial and rustic.

Afterwards we went to see the Blue Man Group perform at the Long Center.  It was by far the best show I've ever seen.  I'd rate George Strait first, then the Blue Man Group then Ghostland.

(Rascal Flatts comes in 4th place).

So yes, I've seen some great performances, Blue Man Group definitely made my top 5!

I'd see them again in a hear beat! They are so creative!

Afterwards we met up with our friends, who also went to the show, at Uncle Billy's on Barton Creek for a recap of the performance.

We got home before 11 and I think I texted Uncle Carter a hundred times during the night.  Next time we go out Justin warned me that he is taking my phone away.  

It was a great, fun outing---definitely something we needed as a couple.  But at the same time, I missed my sweet baby.

Last weekend my best friend, Rachel Lee, came into town.  It was really good to see her.  She recently got a job as a nurse in oncology in she's been one busy lady!

She drove in Friday night and it was great spending time catching up in PERSON.  We stayed up late on the couch just like we use to during our days in college and in high school.  Saturday morning we took Kie out to Town Lake for a LONG stroll around the Colorado River.  And then got ready for our BBQ that evening.  We had friends over for food, games and delicious mojitos. 

AH Ok, nearly caught up!
This week....we are catching up on life and work.

Justin's been busy with work and lots of side work.  I'm starting my spring cleaning mode.  Which means I pull everything from every closet, drawer or cubby to be donated or added to my garage sale stuff.  (A little apprehensive because I've never had a garage sale.)  And we are also starting demolition on our LIVING ROOM in a month.  It's the main hub of our house, so I don't know what we are going to do or to expect.

I'm also starting an organic garden so I can grow food for us and when I start making Kie's baby food.

That project starts this weekend. I've been saving, researching and buying stuff for my garden for over a year.

I have a lot to talk about coming soon!

My garden!
Our home renovation!
My new mommy product,
The Snuza --a monitor for SIDS--
My workout plan to get beach ready (Also lake ready).
My dream to be a bongo player.
And whatever else comes to my crazy mind.

Me & Kie are off to a mommy's meet up with other babies at the park!  It should be fun.

Until next time,


Such a boy!

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