Monday, August 1, 2011

Mundane Monday

Hello hello!
so the house is coming together finally.  I'm sure this is getting to be repetitive to some.
But this is my world for now...(If you lived in a remodel then you understand--it consumes you!!)

We still have a week of work and then comes the fine tuning.
We have been busy but it's been very rewarding because we can finally see the end in sight.
(the end of this project at least!)

We have most of the things done in the living room-- still have to replace our laundry room door.
And I'm making some blinds for our a w k w a r d windows.
And then it's to the fun part....
We also have a tile backsplash we decided last minute to do in our kitchen.
All in all--things are going well.

Just last night Justin and I made this wood piece for our living room.
I got the idea from Etsy.
There's a ton of these signs on the site--but they are all so small!!
We haven't decided where we are putting it yet--but we have a lot of big bare walls for it to go.
Basically we took some 1x4's--stained them and aged them some--and we painted them last night.
It's a pretty decent size piece.
28" x 28".

I'm so ready to have it ALL done so I can show the before & after shots.

Btw, is it a million degrees where you're at?
I know we're all melting here in Texas.
Dear Lord, I pray you send us rain or that we actually get a FALL season this year.

I just thank you I am not big and pregnant like I felt last year.
My hormones were insane and I was running 25 degrees warmer than everyone.
This year would of been TORTURE!

Also on a side note I'm in LOVE with Pinterest!
My cousin Kait introduced me to it and it's great!
They have amazing ideas for everything!
Alright--this momma is getting herself a big glass of cold iced water.
And putting her sweet baby in the pool.

Until next time,


Notice the napping baby under the shelves?


  1. Sweet baby boy!! I love that sign, by the way. I can't wait to see the house reveal when it's all done!

    Miss you- WHY can't we live closer?!?

  2. He is so sweet!!!! and I'm loving your house! It's so cute. Yall have done a great job!


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