Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lord guide me....

sooooo much to say!!!!

And I need to be reminded how I'm a Christian woman.

I want to say some MEAN MEAN THINGS.

I want to stand up for my marriage and tell people HOW IT IS!

But what am I to do?

What good is it if I really say how I feel?  Does that really get you anywhere?  If I let myself go uncensored.  (Yes I DO censor because I don't curse).  But what if I really said what I wanted to say?

Even on my own blog I feel the need to be censored.


I need some advice right now.

So ladies, let's say you want to stand up for your marriage because other's try to tamper it.  Be it jealous ex wives, ex girlfriends, family, in laws, OUT LAWS, friends, family?

What do you do?

Do you tell it like it is?

Do you hold it in and be lady-like?

Are you being Christ-like?

I know Christ got mad when He was a man, but I don't think he'd waste one second on stuff like this.

Lord Jesus, be with me.  Hold my tongue.  Calm my anger.  Calm my heart.  Be with me.  Hold me.  Love me and show me to love like You.

I feel I'll be praying for awhile tonight.


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  1. Pray about it, and even though it's so hard to hold your tongue, sometimes it's the better thing to do. Pray for them.Sometimes, no matter what you say, it will never change any thing..even though it's hard not to say any thing, it may be the better thing to do. Love you Halley!


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