Thursday, August 18, 2011

lil bit of....a catch up

hello all!

Kie is currently down for his late afternoon nap--so I'm using this time not so wisely to catch up on my blogging.  Ah but it is so cathartic for me!

This past weekend we held a party for our friends and family.  It was a party JUST BECAUSE!  Mainly though we have been MIA all summer long working on the house.  So it was nice to finally see some good friends we haven't seen in nearly a year.  It's amazing how FAST life goes when you have a little one.

All my family was in town.  Including my older brother, my beautiful sister-in-law and their two precious babes.  Also my dad came over early Saturday morning to help me prep the food since Justin  had to work. 

I am so sad we didn't get ANY pictures of the party.  We had around 30 guest show up.  And we had a WONDERFUL menu.

We had ice cream pina colada punch (if you want the recipe for any of this message me and I'll gladly give it to you!)  homemade cold shrimp dip, shrimp-chicken-pineapples and veggies skewers, lemon creme pie bites, homemade hot lobster crab dip, spinach and artichoke dip and an array of other finger foods.
It was delicious! 

As for this week--we have been trying out different baby gyms for Kie to attend.  We went to My Little Gym and My Gym.  I am so pleased to watch Kie interact with all the many things there is to do.  He is already so athletic.  (He gets that from his mama and his dad).  His dad is a natural at everything he does.  And I'm pretty nimble myself.

Kie was able to do a couple of pull ups on the gym bar.  He did some handstands--AND he did a BACKHAND SPRING!  (assisted of course).  But he never is scared and he just does it!  He is a brave boy!

I am debating which class to put him in.  He's also pretty young so I may hold off until he's a year old--which is just a few months away.

Speaking of-I'm trying to gather thoughts/ideas for his f i r s t  b i r t h d a y .  I won't be going all out and spending thousands.  It will be a family affair.  But I will be making the gist of the party food and decorations.

Alright-I guess I need to wrap this up.  I have a house to clean and laundry to fold. 
But I'll leave you with some pictures from this week and some pictures of Kie's room (nursery) that I promised in the previous blog.  

If anyone wants to share some ideas for a first birthday theme--I'd love to hear them!  Thanks in advance!

Oh and also we are leaving this weekend for a getaway! We rented a cabin on Lake Buchanan at Willow Point Resort.  We're excited to go since we've never been!    Alright seriously wrapping this up now.  

Until next time,


Ruth Elle, Kie and Granny Ruth on our evening cruise

lemon pie cake bites with lime zest

part of our spread at the party (minus the skewers)

blurry but J getting some air

sexy husband

stuck under the chair

Kie's nursery
the newspaper from the day Kie was born....yes I love the headline! And Kie's canvas.  And his pet "crab" that his daddy had to get him at the beach.  And my old teddy bear piggy bank when I was little. And his foot and hand print. 
Kie's book shelf--and his closet
I love his little personalized book shelf!  (From One Step Ahead) It's perfect height so Kie can "pick" out his favorite books to read.  And great storage for his puzzles and movies in the drawers.
changing station with white wicker basket and denim covers (that can be changed out in case next baby is a girl).

Kie's chair where we nurse every night and before nap time.  
Barcelona chair (creme leather-so comfy!) with his quilt and a PB pillow.
the only pictures Justin has of him and his father when he was little.

sorry for messy bed he just got out of it!  Pottery Barn Kids bedding

my funky painting I did for his room
(we didn't want a theme but I loved all the primary colors--the beach and the stars)
close up of the other shelf---
Tony Romo helmet (signed by Tony), a picture from my old nursery "Train up a child in the way they should go.",  baby picture when we found out it was a BOY, special stuffed animals from family, a maternity shot, a Blue Angel jet from our first family vacation, his first baby photo books, his name from our friend Sarah Carter and a plate that says "Home is where Mom is."

also you may notice the very colorful wakeboard suspended over the window.  Daddy J has high hopes Kie will fall in love with his favorite sport!

some pictures are a lot alike! Sorry for repeats.
Anyway that's it! Hope you enjoyed :)
Sorry for the picture overload.


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  1. I love his nursery! It's so stimulating and colorful. SO CUTE!! I especially love the nice shelves and the way they are styled. AND the bookshelf. Ahh, i love it all!!


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