Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The joys of motherhood

Oh the joys of being a mother.
Truly it is bliss.

But then there are moments that I'm like how did God let me have a baby?
I mean 99.9% of the time I'm a fully aware, capable and wonderful mom.
If I do say so myself!

However today I had a moment.

So Kie man is on the m o v e.
Like everywhere.
I spend a lot of my time just chasing him and making sure he doesn't get himself too knocked up.

He climbs, he crawls, he walks a long the shelves, the walls, the tables, the stools, the chairs--the doors..my legs...or what have you.

Today was like most days. He was in our room, playing with everything that's NOT a toy.
And he goes for the monitor cord that's plugged in.
 I use to take it away from him but that's been weeks ago.
 I mean, the boy loves it.
He pulls the monitor (listening) device off and then sticks the plug in part into his mouth.  Like always. (so the cord is still plugged in the wall.)

His eyes get big (it's hard to get bigger because they are already) and he quickly pulls it out.
He examines it--the puts it back into his mouth. Just to pull it out again.  Also-his eyes get big.
Every single time.

I don't seem to notice much else and never give it a second thought.
Until today-

"hmm wonder why he takes it out so quickly just to put it back in again?"

"perhaps it has a bitter taste?'

"it is metal.."

(That's me having a convo with me).

So I squat down where he is. Take away the cord he is in the process of taste testing---and I plop it in my own mouth.


It shocked me!!!


sooooooooo Kie has been shocking himself.
And has been...for weeks on end.

Good job mom. Good job!

I win mother of the month.

Who knew electric cords weren't toys?!

Until next time,


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