Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Happy 9 Months my little nursling!!

Dear Sweet Kie,

Hello my precious, active baby boy!  I cannot believe it's been 9 months!  It's as though I can't recall life before you.  Life truly started once you arrived.  I know I'm writing to you as though you're a year old--but it's only a measly few months until that big milestone.  Everyday I feel happy yet sad how fast time flies.  You're such a silly boy with such a big personality.  You're so smart and so independent at the same time.  You're very adventurous and fearless.  You love people (especially adults with facial hair--I think you're intrigued by the hair) and you love children.  You see them and start to laugh!

You also stand up and climb on anything you can.  Just two days ago you stood up and started clapping.  You weren't holding on to anything.  And before you could fall I grabbed you up.  Sad that you were already able to stand and clap on your own.  Of course I want you to grow and flourish.  But you're my baby and I can already see the little boy within you.  I want to be able to always pick you up and kiss you and cradle you like a little baby.

The nights are my favorite with you.  Daddy bathes you still every night.  It doesn't matter if he is working late or not.  He will stop what he is doing to come have that time with you.

 He always puts on your night time baby lotion and you still wear the cute footsie pjs.  You are precious in them.  After he bathes and dresses you--he reads you a few books.  You're favorite book is the "Row Row Row Your Boat" book that plays the music.  But since we play it so often the music has started to fade and slow down so now it sounds kinda creepy.  But you still love it and push the button every time.  You also love "Good Night Moon".  After reading  a few books you are always looking for me!  You turn your head this way and that--trying to look past Daddy's shoulders to see if I'm in the room yet.

It's your time to nurse.  And one of my favorite times with you.  I love nursing you.  You look up at me with those big blue eyes and sometimes you pat my cheeks or try to put your cute baby hand in my mouth.  Other times you twirl or pull my hair.  Or play with my earrings.  I kiss you a million times on top of that fluffy blonde baby chick hair.  You smell  d i v i n e.  Just like a baby should.

I always sing to you.  We always sing about Jesus-and His love for us.  We sometimes sing silly songs that I make up.  You like it when I sing.  You're probably the only one.

After we are done nursing--I stand and we slow dance in the room while I burp you.   You sometimes lay your head on my shoulder when you're really tired.  This is when I rub your back and say a prayer.  I always whisper the prayer in your ears.  You love it when we whisper to you.

I thank the good Lord for you.  For allowing me to have you.  He knew what was best so many months ago.  He changed my heart.  He changed your Dad's heart.  He took our lives and blessed us with you.  I pray God sends an angel to watch over you at night while I'm not there to watch you.  And I ask God to help me be a better mother to you and a better wife to your father.  Because you and your handsome daddy are my world.

It's in those quiet few minutes where life stands still for a bit.  Nothing matters but you and me and that moment.  That moment of pure gratefulness for our time and life together.  Because life can be short.  And I want to always know I cherished those short moments.

You're a strong boy and everyday you do something or learn something new.  You LOVE clapping and waving.  Every time we leave a room you wave "bye bye" to it.
You also eat everything you can.  I still make most of your food but you like to eat off mommy and daddy's plate.  You're still a "vegetarian" by most accounts.  Though I did sneak a piece of chicken into your mouth the other day.  You haven't turned down anything just yet.

I would definitely try more foods if you had more than your two teeth...but that's all you have still.  And I love it!  You smile so cutely with those two teethies! Two, pearly white little teeth.  Which you also love to bite me with.

Every day is different with you.  Some days we go to play dates.  Or we go on outings together.  Some days we play outside in the pool or we stay in doors because it's so hot in the summer.

Some days we never make the bed and we spend a lot of time reading and re-reading your favorite books.  Or I climb into your crib and let your crawl over me and kick me.  You're never sure why mommy is in your bed.  On weekends with Daddy we always have fun!  We go shopping or go on the lake or we go out to eat.  Or we go to the pool.  When we are with Daddy we always have an adventure!  Daddy loves to take you every where we go.  He loves family time and loves to show you off.  You're truly his pride and joy.

Oh and then there's your high chair which always stays messy even though I clean it three times a day.  You drop food every where.  Same goes for the kitchen floor.  Too bad we don't have a puppy to eat up the left overs!

Your favorite foods are still sweet potatoes, frozen peaches and cheese.  You love your cheese!
And your favorite toys are definitely all the balls you have.  You roll and chase them all over the floors.  You also love playing with the plush soccer ball with daddy.  He kicks it to you and you push it back to him.

You're napping now and I have things to get done while you rest.  That's another thing.  You do nap well.  You love your crib and your sweet friend you nap with.  (Your Eeyore you got from Oma.)  You also sleep so great.  Every night your in bed by 7:30pm and sleep to 9am!  I'm a blessed and well rested momma!
Sometimes you wake at 6am for an early breakfast of breast milk.  Otherwise you're back to bed until momma turns on the Ellen Degeneres show.

You also nap every two hours once you're up!  You're an excellent baby.  You have made daddy change his mind on children.  He wanted two, but now he is wanting more because of you.

I love you so much my sweet baby boy and I always will.  You have made our lives wonderful.  You gave us a meaning and a reason to live.  No longer are we selfish.  We only want for you.  We want to make your life better, happier, lovelier than we ever experienced.  You're a loved boy.  And we are so grateful to be your parents!

Love Forever,


big boy standing up


  1. this made me tear up! Seriously, the sweetest thing I have ever read. Kie is such a blessing!

  2. oh my goodness! This is just the sweetest post ever. I teared up too! He is precious, and you and justin are such good parents!


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