Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hot Mom Posts and Update

Hey lovely readers and friends,

It has taken a week to get 'caught up' in life! But, here I am...finally able to sit down for a second and write.

I have this issue with blogging, if everything is not done--then I feel bad for blogging. As in, feel I should be up cleaning, cooking, working, exercising...writing for me is a break! So I sometimes feel bad for taking that ME time.

However, if I wait till EVERYTHING is done (which rarely, if ever happens) then I'll never be able to write.  And truly, I love to write. Plus, it helps me to remember things.

As for the past week, I had a great week and weekend.
LAST weekend...I was very fortunate and lucky to go see a play at the new Zach Theatre on South Lamar.  I got to see 33 Variations and was blessed with the tickets by Mrs. Pam Thompson!  Her very talented son, Lincoln, who I went to school with---was in it!

my bed hog
Small fact, Lincoln and I did theatre in high school together and One Act.  Now, he is a theatre professor at Baylor and has been in dozens and dozens of plays.  It was a lot of fun seeing him in action again after so many years.

Justin was a very wonderful husband and kept the two kids so I could enjoy myself without worrying.  I got to go out with Joshua for the night.  (For those not in the loop, Joshua is my cousin---who I love to the moon and back!)
I wanted to take someone who would appreciate seeing Lincoln perform as well.

The play was really good. It had everything! A love story (which Lincoln played a part in) history, music, drama, tragedy....

All in all, it was a great time! And I was so appreciative of my MOM night out.  So, a big thanks to the Thompson family for making that happen! And to everyone in Austin--go check out 33 Variations. The new theatre is beautiful as well.


As for the rest of the week...
we've been having a great time enjoying this crazy spring weather!
One of the many reasons I love Austin is that this city is BIG into outdoor events and fitness!
SXSW is right around the corner---Justin and I have already started hitting up the trails with the kids, and before long we'll be out on our boat on Lake Austin.
Oh and spring means garden time!
my new 9mm
We're waiting until March to start planting all our new plants and I cant wait!
Also I've been practicing with a new present Justin got me a few weeks back.
Momma got herself a new handgun!
I know, I know...not exactly a diamond--but, I figure in this day and age I need to be prepared for everything and I have two babies to protect.  
I'm getting my CHL next month and I definitely believe in being a responsible, well-educated gun owner. Oh yea, watch out---Momma hits her mark 9 times out of 10.


Quick HOT mom update--I'm doing a follow up post on this soon because I have more to cover...
but to note, I've not lost weight in awhile but at least I'm not gaining.
I'm not tracking what I eat and in short, enjoying myself.

Truth of the matter is, I LOVE to cook.
I enjoy feeding my family (we do eat pretty healthy and balanced meals) but I still eat too much.
So yea, there you have it.

However, I DO move a lot.
I have been doing good about moving more....
but it's been hard to squeeze in specific exercise time.
big 3month old
I just make sure to play more--get out more, walk more with the boys--and to park in far away spots when we go out. Little things DO help in some ways.

Also, I went to look for my 30 Day Shred DVD...and couldn't find it.
(Did I mention I did it ONCE! And it went missing...)
Weeks later, I found it in the freezer.
True story.
Soooo, I'm guessing Kie was doing me a favor by hiding it.

Thanks Kie Man!

Well, this momma is gonna enjoy some seven layer dip that Papa J made--and watch Beyonce.
Ya, I don't care for this game.....
I just wanna see how good Beyonce's body looks.

until next time,
Daddy J has his hands full

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