Sunday, February 3, 2013

the sweetest love

The sweetest love...
comes from your family.

From 'snuggle nose' kisses from your two year old,
To the hand squeezes, coos and laughs from your 3 month old...
and the already-made coffee you wake to find each morning from your husband.

The sweetest love,
is when we all sit down at the table each night for dinner,
from prayers over our meal----thanking God for one another and for "This day He has made."

The sweetest love...
is slobbery kisses on your cheeks from an excited baby,
pats and hugs from Big brother to Little brother,
and a honest, hardworking husband that proves day in and out that good ethics and a good character make you more of a man than most.

The sweetest love,
Is a dad that takes the babies to the backyard so mom can take a bath...alone :)
A dad devoting his one day off to finishing that tree house,
A dad so in love with his children, that he beams with pride when he sees them.

The sweetest love,
is between two brothers,
A little brother, who, though is small and young--watches his big brother like he is THE best thing.
A little brother that laughs and lights up every time he hears Brother.
A little brother who turns and rolls to be near him.

The sweetest love,
is from a Big brother to a Little brother.
A brother who shares his toys,
who sings to a crying baby during car rides.
A Big brother who runs to get a diaper for Baby brother.
A Big brother who asks everyday to "hold brudda" or to "sleep with brudda."

Love is gentle,
love is kind.

One thing we have in this house is love.
God has blessed us,
and we forever give Him thanks.

It's funny how life goes,
years before I had become a mom....
I wanted and longed for so much in this world.

Now, I want nothing of it.
I am thankful for what I have.
Because it is way better than anything I could of ever dreamed.

As I sit here, humbled and in gratitude,
my house sleeps peacefully,
My two year old, sleeping in his converted crib.
My 3 month old is sleeping in my bed with my snoozing husband---
All is right in my world.

I thank God for the paths that it took to get here.
Some of the roads were long, curvy and dark--
and I don't deserve to be where I am now--but somehow I got here.

Sometimes the days can be long--but the time is short.
Life, it is precious--however, we're made to spend our eternity in Heaven.

I thank God for these moments we do have.
These beautiful moments of prayers and playing,
Of love so gratifying, that I truly have no words I can find to describe it.

I know I could never be so fulfilled if I didn't have my Jesus--
having His love for me,
makes THIS love for my family.....
the sweetest love.

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