Thursday, December 29, 2011

More pictures, less words: Christmas!

For a quick Christmas update...

Thursday night my husband surprised me by taking me to see The Nutcracker!
I was thrilled! I use to do ballet (10 years of it!) and was in The Nutcracker as well.
So it was fun sharing that experience with him.  Plus, he dressed up, wearing a suit.... (he looked handsome and dapper!)
Plus, it was a date night for us!

We shared spiked coffees and cookies during intermission--and to my surprise, Justin actually enjoyed the dance!

Friday, we headed out to Atlanta--where we spent two days with family.
It was a small, quiet Christmas. And it was great! 
Kie was the only baby--so it was a very Kie-filled time!
He entertained a lot!
We had our annual Christmas Eve party--went to the Candlelight Service--
Santa came and brought lots of goodies for Kie--
and we enjoyed a big Christmas breakfast and dinner!
Then we capped off the night with fireworks over the lake!
(Courtesy of my dad & Justin!)

It was a LOVELY, lovely time.
That's why I was so down when it ended! :/ I hate to say goodbye to family!
here's a few pictures!

Hope everyone had a beautiful & Merry Christmas!!!


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  1. Looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas!! Lucky you to get to go to the Nutcracker!! Maybe one day I'll get to go!!

    Hope you & your family have a wonderful New Year!!



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