Thursday, December 22, 2011

O Christmas, Can you slow down?

O, Christmas tree!!

Real quick update!
I HAVE been running....
Maybe not much...
Ok, so maybe not enough.... I ran on Sunday before church..
and then I ran Mexican 1,000's on Tuesday...
and tomorrow I DO PLAN on running.
I promise.

Our team run on Tuesday, was Mexican 1,000's which is when you run 1,000 meters up a mountain (we only have hills--but thanks to the Rollingwood area--it might as well been mountains)

So you run 1,000 meters up hill--then run 1,000 as fast you can back down. --Training both sides of the body. (Front/back)
We did 3 sets of these.
Added up to a little over 6,000 meters. Which is a little less than 4 miles. (I think?)
Anyway, super great workout.
I was hurting for days.

And now that it's the CRUNCH time for Christmas--all I've been doing is working (deadlines are fast approaching) and trying to get last minute shopping done before we leave town.

There's a lot to update but like always I'm running behind schedule.
Doesn't help I have a toddler that pulls everything out behind me, or unwraps every Christmas present he sees.

Soooo, if some of your gifts are patched--or have masking tape all over them, forgive me!

Tis the season!!

Oh yes, I never showed any of my ICE pictures from the Gaylord a few weekends ago.
The ice Nativity scene was my favorite.
After all, THIS is the true story of Christmas!

Merry Early Christmas Friends!!!

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  1. Your Christmas Tree looks so pretty all lit up!! Love the pic of the ice sculptures! Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!!


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