Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Tradition :)

My sweet, sweet handsome man.

Blurry picture but I love Kie's face
No pants. Typical! And playing with momma's scarf 
Kie giving kisses to Amanda.
such a ham!
our amazing, best friends! Amanda & Warren
Daddy showing off his Ice skills to Lil Man
Momma, professional figure skater on the side.

We started a new Christmas tradition! 
Every year we plan to meet & skate with our best friends, Amanda & Warren.
And soon enough Kie will be out on the ice skating!

It was so much fun! 
We had hot chocolate and there were smores to make and fires places to enjoy!
Such a beautiful, fun, Christmas-y time!
And it was at Barton Springs Resort--so it was like we were at a little getaway!

Not to mention, after we got done--we went to dinner and we ran into Andy Roddick.

Yes, THE Andy Roddick.
He was picking up Jason's Deli to go.
And if I wasn't a happily married woman, with a child--and he wasn't a married man...
then I may of went crazy like I may or may not of done in my previous years....

(stories to come one day!)

Anyway, let's just say he was nice looking man.
And even though he tried to hide under his hat,
he knew I knew who he was.
We exchanged looks. 
And he gave me the look like
 "Yes, I know you know who I am....but I'm trying to get my turkey wrap and soup in peace without everyone noticing me."

And I was kind enough to let him do so without pouncing on him for a photo shoot.


SO that was my weekend.

This week before CHRISTMAS is insane--and flying by!

I love Christmas but I'm excited for the NEW YEAR!

2012 is going to be a BIG YEAR for The Knuth's!!!

Can't wait to share!!!

How's YOUR week before Christmas?!

Until next time,

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