Monday, December 5, 2011

Run Fail & new job


Bonjour les amis!
It's a COLD, wintery Monday here in Austin.
Definitely dreary.

well, this weekend was a good one, regardless of the rainy weather.

Saturday we had our first weekend run with the run team.
But since Justin had to be at work--I couldn't make the 7am workout time.
Therefore I went earlier.
At 6am.
Yes, beast mode my friends.
Problem is...
I can't run.

Anywho, it was another cold and wet day...
and I headed downtown to lace up my soon to be wet shoes.

I went out and got a new rain/run jacket the night before....
and was excited to test the elements.

I got out my car.
Plugged my headphones into my phone (since it informs me how fast and far I'm going--and plays music)
and started my slow but steady pace down the dark road.

There were other runners out.
But these people were serious runners.
No music.
No headphones.
No jackets.
Just them.
And their shoes.

(crazy people!)

200 yards in I catch a stitch in my side...
Man I should of ate breakfast...Or was it water I needed?
Another 200 yards go by...
I watch some runners emerge through the dark, passing me.

Another 100 yards later....
A small oriental woman passes me wearing the smallest shorts ever---(mind you it's FREEZING)
she was probably in her 40's, early 50's. Super fit.
She turns around and shakes a pair of car keys at me.
I take out an earphone.

"Those aren't mine! But thanks!"
Lady: "I watched them fall out of your pocket at your car!"
I reach into my pocket...alas no keys.
"Ahh thanks, guess those are mine!"
Lady: "I've been chasing you the last few hundred yards yelling at you. Are you wearing headphones?"

I'm wearing a hat and my hood because it's is POURING!

"umm yep..yep I am."

She hands me the keys...and speeds off.

I was grateful but embarrassed.
Apparently REAL runners...don't listen to music and run.
(I need to so I don't hear my heavy panting.)

How bad would it of been for me to lose my keys and had to go searching for them?!

Lesson learned. Keys go into a zipper pocket.
Or I may just bring the fanny pack into style.
I'm sure my parent's still have the one I got at 8 years old from Disney World.

...I knocked out the world's slowest 3 miles.
Not even posting my time because I admit...I walked some.
Why? Well, because I am lazy. And I was going through neighborhoods that I wanted to look at real estate.
Aren't there always?!
That was Saturday morning.

That evening we had a night out at our friend's new house.
It was a "stock the bar" house warming party.

I wish I took pictures of their house! It was stunning! And perfect in every way!
They have 1,500 square feet tiered, three level deck.
It had a living room outside.
A kitchen outside.
A dinning room outside.
And a fire pit with seating.
A 60" TV mounted.
And a patio area for their band.
AND That was just the deck!

The rest of the house was even bigger and more luxurious!
They got an amazing house!
They are a beautiful couple (inside and out) and deserve to have such a beautiful place.

It's hard not to see such gorgeous things and not long for them as well.
And that's something I do pray for.
I am blessed in many ways so I try to think of all the ways my life is grand.
And it is.
In SO many ways :).

Speaking of blessings.
I got offered a new job.

And this is how GREAT God works.
As people know I'm a controlling, organized freak.
And one of my OCD things is that I love to pay things off ASAP.
And I enjoyed making money when I was working.
I had two credit cards.
And though I had them to buy things---I always PAID them off very quickly. (Those cards are LONG gone now)
I love to shop. I love to have things (doesn't most ladies!?)
but I rather NOT spend a lot---
and not have debt.

Anyway, when I got married I inherited Justin's bills.
And he had reasons to have bills.
He has a house.
Numerous cars.
A boat.
A bike.
All his many tools.
His toys.
His schooling.
He owns a lot.

And of course he has had surgeries.
We paid for our own wedding...
I had an unexpected c-section...
and all of life's little hiccups.
A/C going out.
Getting a new A/C,
Water heater going out.
Getting a new water heater.
The occasional getaways we needed for sanity reasons...
You know...LIFE!

And as much as I LOVE being a stay at home mom, I felt the need to work on getting rid of some of these bills.

So I've worked odd jobs here and there.
Mainly freelance work.
I've done some editing.
I've done some html writing.
And ad work.

And then I decided I could work LATE nights doing medical office cleanings.
We conveniently live less than a mile from St. David's Hospital.
And there are TONS of medical offices, clinics, specialist literally all around my house.
So I was going to start small and start cleaning at some dental offices (my comfort zone)
and advertise to some other doctors.
Plus, most of these doctor's are Justin's customers.
They already love him and trust him.
And hello, I am nice person that you can trust.
AND they know where I live.

So, right before I embarked on this cleaning frenzy...
I got offered a writing job...
as a contributer.
A freelance writing job..
for a publishing website.
Which is great!
I can work from home...
and though I have 4 article minimum a week...I'm sure this is something I can work easier into my schedule than leaving at night to work...
(My nights wouldn't of been able to start until Justin's night ended.)

Though the cleaning isn't TOTALLY out of the picture...
Because I do have a doctor that is interested in my coming by 2-3 times a week...
I may just do it because I like to have a plate full.
And sometimes I enjoy going back for seconds.

AND I won't be missing time with Kie because he will be already in bed when I work.
Same goes for my workouts.
I go before he's awake.
And get done by the time he's having breakfast.

Well that's my news.
Nothing crazy.

And I will be posting more about my writing gig as soon as I get started with it.
(Which should be tomorrow or Wednesday!)

Anyway how was YOUR weekend?
Anything new and exciting going on?!
Is December flying by, or is it just me?!

At least it feels like December!!

Well, hope everyone is doing good.

I got my GLITZ and GLAM package this past week---and it was FANTASTIC!
I can't wait to share!

Until next time,


I thought I'd share this very appropriate picture. Justin thought it was funny I was wearing a padded bra....
so he used me as a table to eat his cheese dip.
Yes, the bra is ridiculous. BUT hello, it's a Victoria Secrets one...and I was attempting to look like the Angels.
This isn't what I was trying to achieve.

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