Monday, December 12, 2011

How the GLITZ stole Christmas REVEAL!

Finally time to reveal the Glitz & Glam Blogger Swap!

I was LUCKY enough to be paired with Ginny @ Musings from a breast cancer optimist...

I'm so glad I was given this opportunity to "meet" Ginny and  have a wonderful new blog to follow & read!
Go check out her little corner of the world!
Ginny is such an inspiring woman!
Not only is she a beautiful wife, she's also a mother to her adorable son, Cole...but she also blogs about her experience having breast cancer.
 (As Ginny refers to it as her temporary condition!) 
She's so optimistic and keeps her busy-filled life going at 110%!
 I'm so impressed by her!
She inspires me to live life to the fullest---regardless of the day we may have.
She also has IMPECCABLE taste! Seriously this gal has the best Christmas decorations ever! And she knows how to dress! She's got the style!
I'm so glad I found Ginny :)
I will continue to read & send lots of love and prayers to her & her sweet family. They deserve all the best..

And now to the awesome goodies she sent me!

Ginny spared NO expense...She seriously spoiled me!!
I doubt my husband can top it!
And she KNOWS the way to a girl's heart...
Christmas came early to the Knuth household--and it was MY turn to be gifted!  
I felt like a blessed little girl on Christmas day!
Even Ginny's card was stylin! 
You know Ginny KNOWS what a girl loves when you see packages from Sephora & LOFT! 
Beautiful shimmery eye shadows and blush from Sephora! 
Perfect little jeweled hair pins! (I've been NEEDING SOME!) Thanks Ginny!!!!
This was SO perfect!
Notice it SAYS glitz & glam!?
Eye shadows/blush AND the absolute BEST lipstick/gloss!
How could you do ANY better?! 
Also I think the brunette looks JUST like Ginny... ;)
and some BLING!!!
A cocktail ring to top off any outfit!

AND a shimmery scarf from FOREVER 21.
I loved all the colors in it.
A perfect scarf to wear with anything!

I'm SO grateful to you, sweet Ginny, for these amazing gifts!
You went above & beyond for me!!
I feel so special and loved..
and not to mention, these gifts make me feel girly & pretty!
And what girl doesn't want to feel that way?
I will be posting a picture of me all dolled up in everything soon!
Thanks again sweet momma!

Also thanks to Lindsey @ The Bargain Blonde
and to Raven @
for putting on this awesome event!!!

Merry Early Christmas ladies!!!



  1. Hey Halley!!!

    I'm so happy you love all your girly gifts!!! You are such a sweet person and I enjoy reading your blog!! Thanks so much for saying all those nice things about me as they mean alot! I'm loving the pics of Kie as he's such a cutie!!! He's gonna break some hearts when he gets older...I really enjoyed partnering up with you!

    Thanks again,

  2. Love the pins! Such pretty stuff!

  3. wow!! I cannot believe she found something that legit said glitz and glam. That is SO awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! I love everything you got! She really did hook you up and I'm def sending love and prayers to her and her family.

    Thanks so much for participating, it wouldn't have been the same without amazing people like y'all!!


  4. You got some great stuff! Love everything:) She sounds so strong too! I'm definitely going to head over to her blog too!

  5. GIRL... you got HOOKED UP :)! hahaha GREAT STUFF! Found your blog from the swap. Wishing I had known about it in time because it looks like it was blast. Loving your cute blog.

  6. Whoa! Ginny did GOOD! She spoiled you!

    ♥Feel like Swapping again? If so, head over to my place & sign up to {Accessorize your Blog Friend}!


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