Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Kie will have a new BABY....


Coming mid October.
I am very surprise, but so very excited.
I really thought this was a girl since the pregnancies have been so different.
I also had SO many people tell me they also thought it was a girl as well.
Regardless, I'm elated because Kie will have a buddy close in age to grow up with!

I even asked the good Lord to give me what He thinks I can handle...
Apparently the world is not ready for a Baby Halley just yet :)

So yes, I will be OUTNUMBERED in the house but I love my current little momma's boy so maybe I'll have another sweet momma's boy too!

This baby is measuring 2-3 weeks bigger, whoo hoo!
I guess this is a good time to be happy that I'll be having another medical needed c-section.
However, Kie was predicted to be larger and he wasn't big at all.

Anyway, another boy means I can get him to wear all of Kie's clothes that he wore for such a short time.

So yes, saving money is a great thing in the parent world!

Well today is another LONG day for us....
Life has been so great but a bit chaotic!
I've also been having some minor issues with low, LOW blood pressure and blood sugar levels.
I have issues with fainting weekly--sometimes daily...

Any other mommies experience this?
I try to eat often (for my sugar levels) and eat foods that won't spike my sugars...
but my blood pressure isnt as easy to regulate.

Ah well, such is mommy hood....what is easy to regulate?
Well I promise to update more on this pregnancy SOON.
I've also got to start thinking of names...
I'll gladly take suggestions!
Preferably I like names that start with a "K"---so it goes with our last name Knuth. (Ka-newt)

Send any suggestions my ways!!

Hope everyone is doing great & blessed!

Until next time,


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  1. Yay!! Congratulations!

    I was 100% sure our little nugget was a boy. You couldn't sway me. But when we found out she was a girl at TWO ultrasounds, I was convinced. I am excited. : )


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