Thursday, June 21, 2012

toddler times

So, my toddler....
My precious, blue eyed lil man.

ADORABLE to look at.
PRECIOUS to watch while sleeping...
And even there are the times when he acts and behaves OH SO perfectly!

Mainly when others are around.
He performs.
he spins,
he dances,
he talks,
he hugs,
he kisses,
he does tricks,
he counts,
& spells his name.
::He can count to 3 & Spell K-I-E!::

He smiles,
says "tank yew"(thank you)
and "peas" (please)
when he wants something...
Or when you hand him a snack.

There is the toddler side I get to see...from time to time.
Oh, who am I kidding...
The toddler side, I see nearly everyday.

The wild child.
There's the disappearing act.
::When he goes into hiding, and no matter how much you call his name he stands completely still and quiet behind the curtain or door, or in the shower.  Refusing to answer to his mother's frantic calls.

The instances happen when I make a mistake to take folded laundry to be put up in it's proper place.
Kie is with me one second--GONE the next.
Of course I know he can't get anywhere that could be too scary--but it's those .0003 seconds that your brain runs into crazy thoughts like he drowned in the toilet or managed to undo the dead bolt and wandered into the street.

He loves giving me a heart-attack.
Of course he is not swimming in the toilet or running into traffic.
Instead he hides, like a Navy seal (do they hide? Idk) behind the door or curtain.
Not breathing or making a noise.
::Once again, I'm sure he is breathing but I cannot hear him for the life of me::
Finally I discover his hiding spot and he laughs at me.

Love you too, Son.

Oh, toddlers.
You're so cute because you look like a mini adult.
Your little bodies so small and still squishy.
The plump little arms and legs.
(Though they're slimming up so fast!)
The sweet, innocence in your eyes....
::I say this before you smack me in the face::
The love for your parents,
your grandparents,
your uncles & aunts,
the puppy or the kitty,
or the many strangers.....

Though you don't understand why sometimes people may ignore you.
I'm sure they would love you if the happened to look your way.
But, unlike your mom, some people don't notice babies or toddlers.
I'm sure it would be a sad way to live life not noticing other sweet babies and kids...
but there are those kinds of people in the world.
Sometimes they sit on the plane next to us,
And though you try desperately to say hi to them--
however, they have their earphones stuffed all the way to their eardrums.

Yes, those are the people you try your hardest to talk to.
And it breaks my heart because you don't understand why they won't listen.

Oh, sweet lil wild man :)
I want to put you in a bubble and keep you there.
Keep you innocent.
And precious.
And wild.
And original.

The more I think of it,
the more home-schooling seems to be the plans I'm toying.

To raise you where Christ is first in the curriculum.
Where you can study art & music,
develop any of your passions.
And we'll go from there,
I realize you can do this in public or private schools.
But for now, I think we may try homeschooling.
yes, it's still years away--and maybe once the second baby comes--
I may realize I need a break.
But, for now I want to protect my lil cherub.

Oh, toddler times....
You exhaust me.
But with every screeching (literally) second of it,
I learn something new.
I learn about myself.
How I need to be patient.
I learn how to be a better mother,
failure is the best lesson.
I learn what kind of woman I wish to be.
A better Christian, a better wife & a loving mother.

So forgive me sweet toddler when I fail.
When I lose my cool,
Or when I give up and hand you the 3rd or 4th popsicle for the day....

Just know, regardless of the time-outs (that I've yet to enforce) or the threatened spankings....
that I do love you.
And that I'll get this parenting a toddler thing down.
Especially before your brother becomes a toddler.

well, you're up from your nap....
and at least I'm smart enough not to try and blog while you're running around.

Until next time,


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