Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Life now minus belly

Happy 2 weeks baby Kie!
(no I won't be wishing him a 'happy how many weeks' every week, but I am just amazed how time is flying by!) Slow down!!! I want my baby to forever stay a baby!

The picture above was one of my last pregnancy photos.  It was on Justin's birthday (just a few days before Kie arrived!)  

I am going to post after body pictures soon (for motivation). BEWARE! ;)

Though I really won't be able to fully exercise for 3 months! (No ab workouts at least until then.)

ANYWAY, in 14 days I've lost 17 lbs.  Strictly breast feeding!

Whoo hoo! That's a lil over a lb a day!

I do miss my big round belly, it looked so good compared to my deflated (no muscle) belly.

So me and Kie have had a productive day.

My OCD crazy self had to clean the entire house (minus cleaning floors/vacuuming since that is a bit more strenuous.)

And no, my wonderful husband doesn't expect me to clean.  But I am crazy about being organized and CLEAN!  I sleep better knowing my house is put together and smelling of Pin-Sol and Pledge.  No worries, I make sure baby is far away from cleaning fumes! 

Also, last night Baby Kie slept alone from 1:40am to 5:30 am! He slept in his pack n' play beside our bed--and not in our arms!-- So that meant, the first time in 2 weeks me and Justin got to share a bed together! I missed cuddling with him :) And on these cold nights I've been missing having a warm body near me.  Yes Baby is usually with me or Justin, but I am usually sleeping sitting up on couch or in recliner.

Well, I am actually cooking dinner --Shrimp Gumbo-- tonight for the first night since we had Kie. 

So I gotta get to that!

Until next time,

Momma and Baby

Daddy saying Happy 2 weeks!

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  1. Congratulations! He is so cute! Hold him as much as you can. This is a magical time.


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