Monday, November 1, 2010

Bonjour November

We made it through the weekend, no baby!

Justin's birthday was Thursday and we spent it at home, eating a delicious meal.  Mahi mahi, asparagus, and chipotle sweet potato fries and then a coconut, cream cheese cake!  It was super good.

In fact, I think I ate the majority of it :(

Then Friday we had a wonderful get together with some good friends.  We all met at Red's Porch for dinner.  There was around 8-9 couples there, and my brother showed up for a bit.  Then we went to G&S for the guys to all play pool.  Justin and I took pictures in the photo booth (like we did nearly a year ago).  They're pretty funny.  I guess next year we will have Kie in them!

Sunday we didn't go to church.  As much as I wanted to, I am having problems sleeping and I spend the majority of the day time trying to cat nap.  Just not sleeping these days.  And I'm not that comfortable either.

So yesterday we watched the Rangers play (envious that my family was there!) and unfortunately they lost. And I passed out some candy to our very few trick or treaters.  I sent the candy with Justin to work today because I did not want to eat on it all day.

Today I was surprised by my best friend-Rachel Lee knocking on my door!  She was here for an interview and we had a nice lunch and visit.  So nice to see her.  I'm crossing my fingers she gets a nursing position herein Austin!  God's will, will be done :)

Just a small update.  

Tomorrow is officially 38 weeks, and my doctor's appointment is we'll see if we make it or not.  And if we do I pray I've made some progress. 

I know there are a lot of "ways to induce".  But I'm not really wanting to try.  As much as I'm ready for him to be here, I rather him just come when God and he wants to.  Yes, I still walk (when I'm not exhausted).  And I do enjoy my Mexican food, but otherwise...this gal is not going to be chugging castor oil and pineapple.

I've had all the pre-labor it's just a matter of time and waiting.
And for me being a control freak, it's been hard to just let things go and be.

Well, Justin and I are going to take our little walk around the neighborhood before the Ranger games gets too far along.  And I will post Thursday if doctor informs me on anything new.

Until then--I will be waiting on Baby, waiting on cooler weather and thanking God for my blessings.

Lots of Love,

and still baking baby Kie

Me, Amanda, Nic, Shon, Matt

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