Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Week Review

Well our Thanksgiving was great (minus Texas losing).  Justin and I had our own little family Thanksgiving. Mainly because my doctor told me it's too soon for me to be in the car to go home 6 hours--my incision still is not healed.  And also Kie is so small so we didn't want him around so many people/family until he's got his 6 weeks shots.

We made EVERYTHING for our own Thanksgiving! Dressing, sweet potato casserole, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, turkey, pumpkin pie, etc!  I was super impressed, considering we both never cooked our own holiday meal.  We didn't skip out--even with it being just the two of us.  It was so delicious and I ate leftovers for days!! 

This year, like most years...I have so much to be thankful for.

Especially for my sweet, patient, generous, hard-working, handsome husband. Together we're a great team.  He always refers to us as a team and I think it's a great way to understand how a marriage should work.  And since I'm a very sports associated person this analogy works out great.

Justin is my best friend and rock. He works very hard for us.  And like I've always mentioned before, he's the hardest working, least lazy man I know.  He works over 80 hours a week, comes home to help me around the house and stays up at night to help me with the baby and gets everything I want and need (for baby included.)

And since I've been banned from driving....Justin has been my errand man too.

I'm so grateful for him. God really does have His hand in things, doesn't He?

I'm also so grateful for my amazing family.  I've got some wonderful parents.  They've been down to Austin every weekend since Kie has been born.  And having grandmother here to help me out and show me the ropes, has really helped! Plus Kie loves his grandmother and his Big Daddy.

Since Thanksgiving we have been getting everything out for Christmas! Our tree is up and decorated (pictures to come soon).  Presents under the tree and Christmas shopping nearly done.  I have gag gifts to do and figure out.  Every year our family does gag gifts with little poems.  They can be silly gifts like a bag full of cat hair to something nice.  But usually the poems that go before the present are the funniest because you're trying to guess what the gift is.  And also, the gifts are tailored to each person.  So it's fun to see what your family thinks is fitting for you.

As for daily life around here
.... has been consisting of feedings for baby every two hours (which means little sleep for momma).  Lots of dirty diapers and new changes of clothes :) But I love it.  Being a mommy is hard at times--mainly just the lack of sleep.  But just holding my baby, kissing and cuddling him all day is so nice.  And I'm so thankful Justin works so hard so that I can be a SAHM.
Usually at nights, Kie eats around 6:30-7pm. Then he eats again at 9:30-10pm. And Justin will take the first "shift".  He will sleep with Kie until he wakes up for his next feeding...around 12am.  If we get off schedule sometimes during the day, then I usually know I have around 2 hours between feedings.  (Unless he is really hungry or didn't feed well previously).  After Justin's shift he retires to bed, where I then start the night shift of sleeping on the couch with the baby.

Kie has his own little bed that I lay on the couch and he nurses with me--then I TRY to put him down.  Sometimes successful, sometimes not.  We usually get up again at 2am, then 4-4:30am...and feed until Dad gets up at 6!

so yes, very little sleep but it's worth it.

Right now my sweet little angel is sleeping on the couch in his precious little infant gown.  Ahh! Babies with diapers on and cute little clothes just melt my heart. 

Usually Kie has to be held at all times.  He loves being nestled!  I hope he is going to be a big cuddle bug because his dad isn't so much and it would be nice to have someone to snuggle with.  

Also yesterday me and Kie took a very long walk --Kie in the stroller--to Borders, to get some books.
I got the Love Dare and Love & Respect.  Both Christian books.  Just because here lately with so much time spent with the baby...I need to remember my husband as well.  So I got the books to help me keep him first as well.  

I'll be posting how the books are and how the Love Dare is going.
I'm just on Day 1 and already I'm worried I won't do good! --It's about saying nothing negative for the day.  And often times I find myself complaining so I need to work on this!  I really like all the verses they put in the book. I need to study these verses and brand them into my brain so I can pull them out to remind me to bite my tongue at times.
Here's a good one I'll leave you with!

"See that no one repays another with evil for evil, but always seeks after that which is good for one another." (1 Thessalonians 5:15)

I love this verse, because often times when someone wrongs you or hurts you (disappoints you etc.) then we tend to say or do something hurtful, disrespectful or defensive in return.  I know I do this a lot!  And I really need to just keep quiet if I have nothing nice to say.  I know I am going to need to pray a lot to be better about this.

Anyway I'm going to try and get something to eat quickly before Kie is up for his next feeding.

Lots of Love,


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  1. What an adorable little guy! And sounds like you two had a wonderful Thanksgiving, so proud of you guys for cooking a full meal WITH a newborn! That is awesome! Sounds like your hubby is a great support system as well! Have a great week momma!


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