Saturday, September 22, 2012

34 weeks

(Howdy y'all, This is a week late!)
How far along?  
34 weeks
Maternity clothes?  Yes and no. I still wear my regular yoga pants.
Total weight gain/loss?  38 lbs. Yep, you read that right. I don't know where I can put the blame--besides, I'm a good cook. Yep, I'm tooting my own horn here.
That and I love ice cream...and I should never bake again. Because I generally eat anything I bake (in it's entirety in 12 hours or less).
Stretch marks? None so far. Surprisingly! Then again I oil myself up twice daily.
 Not sleeping great. But that's due to getting up to pee every 40 minutes. Seriously, it's way worse this time. I wish I had an adult diaper...yep, eww.
Best moment this week? This week has been great. The other night I had two girlfriends over for dinner and it was fun to have a level playing field with the women vs. men.  Plus, dinner was great and healthy. And I love having friends over to host. And all we pretty much do is gush over Kie man and his hilariousness.
Movement?  Yes he moves a lot at night. And it definitely looks like an alien has taken over my body.  He rolls his feets and legs over my stomach and Justin sits in amazement of the belly waves.  The only time I mind is if he lodges himself into my ribs.
Food cravings? None really. I just generally like food :)
Gender? Boy
Labor signs? Braxton Hicks. And I cramp every now and then.
Belly button in/out? partially in. It's kinda flattening out.
What I miss: Sleeping well :) Not that I ever slept great, but oh well. That and being a bit more flexible than I am now
Milestones: Well, I will be seeing my dr every week soon...
and my c-section has STILL yet to be scheduled. But, we're aiming to have this baby either the DAY before Halloween or the Day after. Papa J doesn't want a pumpkin baby lol.

my sweet lil man
my big boy

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