Monday, September 17, 2012

weekend update, birthday & more

Hey lovelies!
This weekend was pretty great.
Justin threw me a surprise birthday dinner with close friends on Friday night (though my actual birthday isnt until tomorrow).  He figured since my birthday fell on a weekday it would be easier to do things on Friday.  It was a relaxing, nice night with great friends, food and board games. And Justin knows I'm not big on surprises (ok, some surprises are welcomed--like a new diamond or new shoes) but if you're going to have company over--it's nice to have at least showered. So he gave me a heads up so I could at least have finished up on my work and showered beforehand.

Saturday we spent the early evening at Kie's buddies 2nd birthday bash. It was too cute and lots of fun. So many kids and babies and parents!!
It was a great party and my friend JUST had a new baby a few weeks before. I honestly don't know how she got everything together.
Saturday night we watched my Horns play and it was a late game.
 So Sunday we slept in (the rain didn't help) and we spent the early day getting errands done.

Sunday was so lovely because it actually felt like FALL outside.
We loved the rain (that poured ALL day) and the weather was in the 60's.
I seriously can't wait till we have 50's and low 60's ALL DAY.
(I'll be breaking out the crock pot for chili, soups and more!)
**Not to mention, I've already had my fall candles burning**

Sunday night we had another surprise dinner with our good friends, Shon and Nic.  The men grilled the steaks outside under the patio (it was still raining) and us ladies, Nic and I, spent the evening on the sofa being entertained by Kie.
Seriously, he's a ham bone!
Afterwards, we concluded the night with a movie and our first pumpkin pie of the season.  It was so good...Justin nearly finished the whole thing himself.
Also, it's not your typical SMALL pie. This one is HUGE!
It's probably 2 1/2 pies...
Too bad I didn't take a picture.

As for this week--I am a bit worn out--
I have a lot of work to complete and then there are days when I'm just not motivated.
Ever get that way?
I just want to play with Kie--and lay in our big, comfy bed.
These last few weeks of pregnancy have been more tiring.

Maybe because this go around I have a lil man to keep up with.
(How do moms with lots of kids do it? And stay sane? lol)

It was definitely a lot easier last pregnancy sans toddler.
But then again, I'd not change a thing this go around!
This pregnancy has gone by faster--
and not to mention I have everything I need this time.

AND having Kie makes things a lot more special and real.
Like, I know what to expect sorta...
That regardless the labor
or the delivery,
that it will be totally worth it.

(Remind me of this later when I'm in recovery!)

I see the doctor on Wednesday so I can give a FULL account on my weight gain (oh my!) and everything else.
And hopefully, we can schedule the actual surgery.
(They keep putting it off--I believe because my doctor doesn't want to admit I may be delivering sooner than he originally thought.)

We'll see.
Stay tuned for BIG updates and pregnancy post soon...

Oh, and my new darker do.

Hope yall have had a great weekend!
Kie trying on his new Broncos jersey from Oma.
He likes what he sees :)

does it fit?
early morning 
my beautiful UT wreath, made by Miranda Johnson
love it! (and her!)

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