Thursday, September 27, 2012

my life & loves in phone shots

Just a few photos of the past few weeks... More to come and an update soon! 
I've been out of commission this past week because PREGNANCY has taken it's toll me. (I may or may not share the ugly details, ha!) I don't want to scare anyone that has yet to experience pregnancy and/or child birthing.

Anyway, enjoy and I can't wait to post more!
Love this photo.
lazy Saturday :)
Kie dressed himself 
Batman cape, no pants and his cool hat 

our typical morning snuggles
Kie and his brother :)
Crying Kie man...mad that I wasn't giving him my phone
sleeked back hair (daddy's doing)
love that face 
ready for his friend's party
Shopping at Costco....enjoying a berry slushy and watching the rain
Kie loves his apple-dees (that's what he calls them)
Love my boys
beautiful birthday flowers from my sweet friends,
 Nic and Shon,
love them!
Kie loves to "cully" :)
And he's left handed!
Oh and I love his hair wings. 

Typical Saturday night @ the Knuth House
btw, my husband has some nice legs. ow ow lol
Daddy J and Kie man out for my birthday 


  1. No need to share the ugly details if you don't want to, but is everything OK??

    Your pictures are GREAT!!

    1. aw, yes sweet lady! I'm fine, just normal pregnancy issues. Hope you are feeling great! :)


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