Thursday, September 6, 2012

Lil Bit of Updates

Hey lovely readers,

So it's THURSDAY (love how fast this week flew by!) and I just thought I'd do a small catch up on life.
Last week--I got a lot accomplished. I finally went through Kie's closet and drawers to clean things out for Baby K.  

Kie and his new baby brother will eventually share a room together.  I say eventually because for the first few months the new baby will be sleeping in our bedroom. 

Now, if Baby K happened to be a girl, then SHE would of gotten her OWN room. But, I figured two boys so close in age can share a room.  At least, for now :)

So we pulled out all the newborn clothes--and washed them. I washed all the blankets and divided up the drawers and de-cluttered some toys to take to donate.

As for now, everything has a place! 
Kie still has his crib. And to be honest, it seems he will be happy there for awhile.  I think he likes that it's "his space".  He doesn't try to get out and in fact, he even likes his crib.
When it's nap time, he sits and reads quietly (if he isn't sleeping.) And he loves to play with his babies or reads to them in the sanctuary of his crib.

I'm more than happy keeping him in there because I know he's safe and not wandering around. I'm sure the day will come he will be either too big or getting out of his crib.  But for now, it's his lil safe spot.

We also had a big party here last weekend with all the family.  I had family fly in from Wyoming and Colorado for the big UT/WY game last week.  Not only was it the kick off of college football season, but it was Labor Day weekend. So we had a long extended weekend with everyone!

Naturally, it went by too fast. But I loved having everyone over. Plus, they got to see all of the remodel! Everyone loved it :) (Of course, our remodel days are far from through--we have a game room addition we plan to start next Spring.)

Basically we spent the weekend with great family and friends--and ate a lot and watched some football.
As for this week, Justin has been taking Kie everyday to swim after work.  It's been so nice to have him come home at 5:30 this week.  It's a rarity and I doubt I'll have a week like this again soon. The extra few hours having Justin home has meant I've had time to finish some of my own work, do house work and get off my feet some.

Typically, I feel pretty well. I tire out easily but I still blame the heat. Of course, packing on 30+ lbs does not make it easy.

Yep, looks like I'll be nearing 40lbs this pregnancy so far I'm up 31lbs. Ah well, I have been eating decent. I just think that with the remodel we had (and no kitchen for weeks on end) and the countless family and friends that have come visited (which means eating out) and of course our vacation (more eating out) that I have just indulged more so than I'd like.

Sad thing is, Kie saw a picture of pregnant Jessica Simpson on my computer the other day...and he pointed at her said "Momma!" 
Wowza, that's great.
I hope I am not looking that big!
I will have a picture to post soon :) So YOU can be the judge.
Anyway, here's some cute pictures from this past week.   
Kie found his newborn shirt he got from the hospital.  Dad thought it would be funny to try it on.
Kie wasn't happy the way it fit. Haha!
Uncle Carter and Kie relaxing after nap time. 


cheese :)

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  1. His cute little curls in the back kill me!! I can't wait to coosh on him at Christmas!


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