Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lil Bit of....MESS!

Care to see the current condition of the Knuth household?!

Don't judge.

Ok, you can judge.

It's bad.

And if you're blessed with a house from the 80's---then you'll understand.
Or the 70's? I'm not real sure when brown shag carpet and wood panels were in?
I digress....

ENJOY the pictures....
(but please come find me in a week or two to see the FINAL reveal!)
And remember--we are remodeling on a b u d g e t .
We're a one-income family with a husband that already works 80 hour weeks....
and as much as I'd love to have some money trees growing in the back yard-we are fresh out.
Anyway--here is the house b e f o r e pictures...
like I warned it's pretty awful...

*this was actually taken in December--because I don't have a picture of one of the walls before we started our renovation. (Notice the very VERY small 5 week old in my arms?)

side door to house

one of the back doors

TV/entertainment area
this is an old picture because we no longer have the BROWN recliner.  Yes,  brown dominated our house!

did I mention we needed to fix our ceiling as well?

so much brown you can hardly SEE the black chairs...

take note of the always stylish brown carpet

other side---also brown! excuse the ladder...

a little white paint here and there (the fun has started)
-foreground-ipad, Gerber puffs and Boppy

good bye brown paneling I won't miss you!!

oh yes, here's our lovely shelve system--ignore the neon blue lights they won't be there long

no more brown carpet but look what we found underneath!? 
Good day yellow linoleum... who ever thought going from the yellow linoleum to the brown shag?

we should of just stopped here and kept this--so inviting!

our sweet friends came by to give us a hand with some painting
-Kie is just hanging out with his dad-
*we didn't leave him in the paint room long-just a few minutes to snap a picture

Our floors are FINALLY down (no baseboard yet)

Oh and here is where our furniture has been the last few days---guess it's a good thing it never rains.
baseboards I've been painting (at least our yard looks better than the house)
And our work area-where all the cuts we make.
(Notice all the wake boards?)

Sooo there you have it.

If you are BLESSED with brown panel walls like we had--then you understand and feel my pain.
There's not much that looks good with it.
Our house is old and needed a face lift...however we are on a limited budget.

 And so we have done all the work ourselves. 

 And we never use a credit card (cash only-thanks Dave Ramsey!) so we have to get crafty when it comes to fixing things up.

 Anyway--come back soon to see the finished product.  I'm praying that in two weeks we will be back up and running again.

Until next time,


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