Friday, June 24, 2011

stray thoughts Friday

I still have my announcement to make...but I don't think I'm making it just yet.  Mainly because I have a lot to write when I DO make it.  And this is more of my random thoughts that I wanted to get out of me.

So I have a lot of passions in life.  A LOT.
I wish I had time to do everything I'd like and LEARN everything I wish to learn.

A few goals I wish to do this season is learn to sew (better).  I can get a small job done but I won't say it will look good.  So I'm getting Justin to teach me.  He's so good at sewing! My husband is a very talented man. He went to school for upholstery---
But what I'd like to do is to sew pillows.

The more the merrier!  And I see them in Pier 1, Pottery Barn and at Home Goods and some are expensive--and I know I could custom make some that I'd love.  Plus now that Kie is such a good crawler--he enjoys crawling over pillows!  And one day he'll be making pillow forts like I use...and I think it's about time I learn.

Secondly,  I want to start playing the piano again.  I use to play and now I see WHY my mom wanted me to learn.  So we found me a keyboard!  I'm excited to pull out all my old hymns and CHRISTMAS songs. Of course I want to teach Kie one day too.

Also this year we can't wait to start camping more once the weather is cooler.  We have a lot of nice camping gear--and we love the outdoors.  And once the weather drops in the low 80's and 70's--The Knuth's will be moving outdoors on the weekend.

I also want to learn a new sport.  And I think wake boarding--if it doesn't kill me--will be my new one.  I loved playing sports in high school and in college.
I won't be joining a community team anytime soon so a sport I can enjoy with my family is more up my alley.

In fact tomorrow morning I go for my FIRST official wake boarding lesson.  I'm pretty excited and a wee bit nervous.

AND LASTLY--we have LESS than a week before we're on the road for FLORIDA.
Can't tell you how excited I am!  I'm ready to be with ALL of our amazing family.  Ready to lay out on the beach--getting a (safe as possible) tan.  Enjoying great drinks and great food.  Also every night we have assigned cooks--and one night me and my beautiful sister in law, Amanda-will be cooking!  I can't wait!  I really want to make some FRESH lump crab cakes for everyone with my famous aioli sauce.

 Also--I'm vowing to do more Bible studies--and getting more involved in our church.  God has changed our priorities a lot since we got pregnant and I think it's time we give more of our time to Him. Of all things I do--praising Him is what I need to focus on most.  God knows that when I'm closest to Him that all things in life seem to run more smoothly. Even when there are struggles or challenges--being near to Him gives me a peace that I cannot explain in words.

Well I gotta go, my sweet friend Allison is coming over. Which is another thing I am highly grateful for....AMAZING friends.  I have great friends that lift me up--and motivate me to be a better person--and I'm so grateful for them.

Anyone else have anything new they are wanting and willing to try?! I'd love to hear!  I'll be sure to post on how my lesson goes.  Happppppy Friday everyone!!


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