Tuesday, June 21, 2011

food freezing/nap time

Baby is napping (pretty sure he's getting another tooth) and I just froze some more pureed sweet potatoes for lil man.

Speaking of food for Kie--he eats everything now.  Ok, not everything like McDonald's, fried food or sushi.  But basically everything in between, it started last week while at my parent's home in Atlanta.

My dad, Kie's "Big Daddy", decided to take it upon himself to feed him anytime I wasn't watching.  Of course dad fed him healthy stuff from his own garden.  But he also gave him biscuits, tortillas, crackers, regular potatoes and every kind of fruit and veggie he had on hand.

Kie loved it! So when we got back into Austin this past weekend, Justin swore Kie put on a few pounds while we were gone.

I don't know about that--but he definitely is growing up fast.  I do love watching him eat because he enjoys it.  Plus his faces he makes are so funny!  I still nurse him 6-8 times a day and feed him solids along with nursing or for a snack.  I'm also still making his baby food, but he loves to try feeding himself.  Which results in a BIG mess.  But he's discovering and exploring and most importantly LEARNING! 

On a side note--I'm a little mad with Blogger because I finished up my TOP THINGS for baby and momma and it somehow deleted it!  So I am working on re-writing it again.  Of course, I can barely remember my own name most days so I am having a hard time remembering what all was on there.

Oh well!

On to other past news, this last Sunday was FATHER'S DAY!  It was a special weekend for us because it was Justin's FIRST Father's Day.  Kie got him a fun dad shirt (which said "You're the GREATEST DAD!") and a nice Swiss Army watch.  (Kie is so thoughtful and generous).  He also was planning to make breakfast for his DaDa in bed, but instead Kie had breakfast in bed.  His reason was he couldn't reach the counter tops yet. Hehehe.

Also we had Kie dedicated at our church on Sunday.  It was a special time with our sweet family and friends!  It will be a wonderful memory to watch (we filmed it) and remember together. 

The past week in Atlanta went good as well.  It was nice to see everyone--but being back home is always sweet, plus we both missed Justin!  He flew in late from Atlanta, Georgia on Friday.  So Saturday we spent it all day on the lake with our family.  

As for this week--we have A LOT to do before we leave for Florida next week.  Magically I need to lose 15 lbs and become a bronzed goddess.   I also have a lot of prepping and packing to do.  Being OCD and an organizational nerd I have lists everywhere to keep me on task.  Unfortunately I'm also ADD--and it's hard for me to keep on track.

I'm really looking forward to being with all my family (all 24 of us) and the other two babies (my niece and nephew).  
I'm sure the 11 hour ROAD TRIP will be an adventure for the three of us.  Bring it on!!! (We'll manage!) Plus who doesn't love an adventure?!

Well I'm going to go--the house isn't going to clean itself--I have toys to disinfect, blankets to wash and floors to clean! Kie is having a play date so we must prepare for little cute babies on the move!

ALSO--stay tuned for a big announcement coming soon!
(No, we're not expecting our 2nd one just yet!)

Until next time,

My best friend Rachel and Kie 
He crawls everywhere!

Kie's GREAT grandpa, Papa--singing to Kie

Granny and Kie

Meme and Kie

playing with the bags--doesn't care about what was inside it. 

Kie sleeping in momma's clothes in her bedroom in Atlanta

Kie and Brady playing

playing ball

Brady, Holli & Kie

swimming w/Zach at the Grandparent's

Big Daddy feeding Kie peaches

sweetest baby I know

Kie & Momma on Lake Austin

the love of my life

Our friends, Mom and Lil Man ready for his Dedication

in BIG church

candid shot

Father's Day & Baby Dedciation

Our pastor, Dr. Bowman & Kie

The two father's in my life and in Kie's!

love this chunky baby


  1. I'm so glad that I got to see you!!! <3

  2. oh my gosh!!! Halley, you look beautiful!!!!! I wish I could go to the beach with you! Sure miss you- once we get settled in Raleigh, I am hoping we can get back to our daily talks. It's been so crazy around here. :(

    Kie is precious. and i love you so much!


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