Monday, June 13, 2011

in the ATL

hello hello hello :)

I have seriously started a half a dozen blogs and yet to finish them.  I do promise to post the TOP 10 Momma/Baby things soon.

But I wanted to do a quick update.  First off, I'm in ATLANTA (Texas).

I'm home with my parents--and of course Kie is here with me.  Life in the ATL--is a lot different than life in the ATX.

Atlanta is home, of course.  Slow paced and sweet--but a little Atlanta can go a long way.
I do love how the nights are quiet and life seems to slow down.
But, my life is NOT here.  It's in Austin.
I'm glad Kie will be able to escape from the city (during the summer time and holidays) to a different part of Texas.  Where you have to be creative to have fun, where everyone knows everyone and the county roads go on forever.
His momma is a country girl and he's got a bit of country in him regardless where we go.
This country gal just happened to fall head over heels for a California boy that traded in his surf board..

We're here for a week while Justin is in the OTHER Atlanta.  You know, the smaller, lesser known one...I think it's in the Midwest somewhere? Not sure. 
::I kid::
He's there for work :) His last class before he gets his masters in Land Rover.
So proud of my smart, hard working husband.

I swear, I'm ONE lucky lady.
Also, before he left he painted our living room a beautiful creamy, white color.  It was actually named Cancun sands.  Yippie no more DARK, living room!!!
And he put up our privacy fence ALL the way around our back yard.  Which means no more creepy neighbors--and momma can lay out and do WHATEVER I'd like in our massive backyard.  Like practicing cartwheels and handstands and laying out in my awesome bathing suits I wore in middle school.  (No lie, I loved my 90's bathing suits--I still rock them!!)

Anyway J did all of that work yesterday--while I was here!  He seriously can do more work in ONE DAY than most men can do in a month.  He's a hoss!
He just surprised me by sending me all the photos on my cell of the work he's done.  So I can't wait to get back to enjoy all the new home improvements.  Our sweet house is coming together!

Also on a HAPPY note, the DALLAS MAVERICKS WON! 
I'm so excited for the MAVS and Dirk.  I love, LOVE DIRK.  You know he's German....and I got a thing for those German men. Click me!
I've also been a AVID Mavs fan since 2000 or so, when I went to watch them when I was in 7th grade.  We went there for a cheerleading competition back before anyone liked them.
And also my brother is probably one of THE biggest Maverick fans I've ever met.  So not only was it a celebration because they won--but also because I knew how happy it made my brother, Clint.

Life has been going good for the Knuths.
Kie has recently graduated to his new CAR SEAT!  He loves it.  It is so nice and big.  He is super comfortable and we got it just in time for our road trip to Atlanta.  We also wanted a bigger one for our NEXT big road trip to FLORIDA.  (Just a few weeks away!)
Additionally we've been spending lots of time with Kie in the pool, which he loves.  As well, he has been swimming here at my parent's house.  And of course we spend every weekend we can on the lake.  Justin even got me a sweet new wakeboard.  I'll post a picture of it when I get back into Austin.  He's seriously the most generous man.  He always is thinking of me and getting me things I'd never even think of asking for.  He's just very adventurous and likes to stay active.  And so do I!  The more I push myself out of my comfort zone the better I feel and the more character it adds--and stories to tell!!  (I.e, one of our first dates was SKYDIVING!)  Yes, I've mentioned this before but if you know me you know I HATE heights and planes.  

Speaking of comfort zone, I went to a Zumba class tonight with my mom--and it was a lot of fun!  I've done it on our Wii and I've loved it--but never in real life.  And wow, you don't realize how much you're working.  I can't wait to go back to it!  In fact, I may start going to a Zumba class at our gym in Austin.

Well, I'm going to wrap this up. I'm getting up early tomorrow to take Kie out--and we have lunch plans with my granny (his GREAT grandmother.)  And plans to swim with our friend, Emily!   I'll also post a lot of pictures soon to catch up on life.

Thanks for reading!!
Until next time,


Daddy & Kie getting ready for some crawfish 
Uncle Shon's good cooking!

Me & Lil Man enjoying the crawfish boil

momma's baby is hot outside!

Playing in the pool w/friends

Nic & Kie

trying out the new carseat

loves those sweet potatoes

Play date with his buddy Mario!

playing TAG-- Mario is getting Kie!

learning to share

eating his peaches for breakfast

Uncle Carter feeding Kie

helping momma pack

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