Monday, January 2, 2012

CG Run: Week 5

I probably skipped a week here and there...but I'm here to bring you up to speed.
I'm still running.
But not near as much as I should.
Last Tuesday I ran 5 miles in an hour.

Skipped my speed workout during the middle of the week (bad Halley!)

I did my Resolution Run Saturday--another 5 miles in under an hour.
And here we are starting week 6.
5 miles in an hour isn't bad--but it's not good either.

It's better than what my run coach expects from me though.

Today I really need to run but seeing that my husband is working late (till 9:30-10pm) means I won't be able to.
Just a thought for any readers that are childless....
there's little to no excuse to not have time to workout or run.

I never realized how much time I had on my hands until I had a baby.
All that to say, I only have one child--so I still have more flexibility then mother's with multiples.

So this week I aim to run at least twice this week--and this weekend I am going to run the farthest I've ever attempted to in one time--8 miles.

I hope I can do it under an hour and 40 minutes.
A total of 100 minutes.
Once again, I realize these times aren't good for pro RUNNERS---
But I'm a novice,
so I'm just guessing what I could do it under--or around.

ALSO--100 minutes is A LOT OF TIME to take away from Justin and Kie.
And since Justin is working this weekend--it means I will probably start my run around 5:30 am--so I can just meet Justin afterwards at his work to get the baby.

Surely if I start by 5:30 am I can be done by 8am?
I'm giving myself some extra time in case my body isn't fully awake at 5:30.

-Alas, there's only 6 weeks left until the half marathon.
My knee still isn't doing good.
Especially after my 5 milers.
I have to generally take 2 days off after I run.

I go back to my doctor at the end of January--he will give me a final say on my knee and if it's a good idea to push it 13.1 miles.

I really don't want to hurt myself for good or a longer time by pushing it.
Basically he said last time maybe I'm just not cut out to run.
But me, being stubborn--just doesn't like that answer. 

Alright, enough ramblings.
I will be posting my resolutions soon!
I'm so excited about this year!
I'm going to start everyday on my knees thanking God.
He's been so good...
and I want to fully commit myself to Him.
Lord knows I've wasted enough life and time to myself...

How's your 2012 looking so far?


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