Monday, January 30, 2012

One step forward & one step back

Hey lovely readers!

How is everyone's weekend?

Unfortunately for me, Kie and I have been sick.
You know, the sore throat, running/stuffy nose and cough...
Turns out, Kie has RSV--and needed breathing treatments.
My sickness, has now resulted in the stomach flu...or something fun like that.
Needless to say, it's been a painful few days.

Luckily we got sick on Friday--and since then Justin has been the world's best nurse (minus getting to administer pain medication!)

Anywho, Friday started out great enough.
CG boot camp was awesome!
The workout was killer, did some high intense training intervals...
And then Ally (the founder of CG & our head trainer) took everyone to Whole Foods for a free breakfast!

So I called Justin and he met me at Whole Foods (which is conveniently by his work) and he gave me Kie man and so Kie got to meet all my fellow "contenders".  It was a lot of fun and everyone thought Kie was adorable.

That afternoon Kie and started to get a little under the weather---
So we spent Friday and Saturday drinking Emergenc-e and taking vitamins.
(I took the vitamins) Kie just drank lots of fluids and had the humidifier on all day.

Justin was seriously the best nurse.  We baked 4 dozen cookies, a pan of brownies and he made a stuffed chicken with veggies and cranberry stuffing. (This was all before the stomach bug!)
 He also let me "sleep in" till 8:30.
And he did my much-needed pedicure.

And every hour or two he would make me a hot tea to drink for my throat.
He's been THE best...and it's been so nice to have him here ALL weekend with no work.
Also, of course he's been keeping the house spotless and sanitized!

So obviously, I didn't get to run this weekend.
And this weekend was my LAST long run before the race.
I was suppose to run 11 miles...and I've been looking forward to it all week.

I still don't know if I should try to run this week or not.
Either way I'm behind schedule since this weekend I'm suppose to be tapering off.

I think I'll try to get my 11 miles in by Friday--and if I can't well, I guess I will just have to start my short runs.

SO that's my step back.

On a HAPPY note...

Justin and I paid off two debts we had.
One was for my wedding band...(yes he was still paying on it)
And the other was a small credit card.

It wasn't much, a little over 2k. But we were able to come up with the 2K to pay it off and get rid of those annoying monthly payments--which also means, we have TWO closed credit cards.

Now we have ONE BIG credit card to pay off...
But this one will take awhile.
All the while we're slowly saving and adding to Kie's savings ....
And of course to our vacation fund.
I'm SO excited to be only using cash now.

It is like a weight has been lifted off our shoulders.
And I just want to document our journey as we go.

Speaking of, UGH all those Spring catalogues that are being sent to my house weekly and of course seeing all the cute new clothes out IS tempting and humbling.
But, I have TWO closets full...
and countless drawers full too of clothes to wear.

And I don't NEED anything.
It's really OK to wear the same stuff (as I do most times anyway).
I just need to learn to layer items and add accessories and such.

Well this momma has gotta go.
I'm really feeling bad.
Between the chills I get, the nausea, the coughing...
And constant gagging...

I don't know how we're going to make it through the week.
It makes me understand better mommies who may be pregnant and have toddlers....
AH (no we're not pregnant!)
But being a sick momma taking care of a SICK baby is not fun.

Hope everyone else is doing well!


Justin & Kie being silly

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