Wednesday, January 18, 2012

everyWHERE Wednesday

-My brain is everywhere at least...hehehe!

Bonjour mes amis!
**Right now I wish I could show you what's going on in my house....
Kie is crying outside of the office door---
And no, I'm not ignoring him to blog.
Justin is actually trying to play with him before he goes to his Bible study...
but since Kie is a true blue Mommy's boy,
He rather have me, then Daddy on some days.
But they need father/son time. So I must resist the urge to fling open the door and grab him!

Ok, back to business...

So this will be a bit of a rambling post like most I do..
Small update on my running progress...
I really have been, it's getting worse and worse.
I make excuses why I don't run more--
and my husband's work schedule has been crazy these past few weeks.
Therefore, finding time when he gets off work for ME to go run is nearly impossible-UNLESS I don't mind running with a mining lamp on my head...(Ha!)

Like, last night he didn't finish work till nearly 11:30pm.
His work day started at 6:30am.
And yes, he schedules and overbooks himself because it's his own business, but he needs to learn to take a breather.
He works himself into the ground.
Like my friend said, at least he's not the opposite! He's seriously the hardest working man I know. I'm SO proud to be his wife. I just wish I had HALF his talent and his determination...
(More on all his talents later)

Anyway, as for my running--I'm becoming discouraged because I run only twice a week (MAYBE).
I did run my farthest Saturday--8.5 miles.
The pace was pretty awful because I admit, I walked some.
I noticed after mile 6, my feet felt like I had blisters.
Though luckily my knee didn't really give me much of a problem.
Once I got home, rested feet felt better!
And to my surprise, I had no blisters...
Must of been my socks.

Also--this weekend we started giving one of the bathrooms an overdue facelift!
It was pretty awful to start with (guess that's what you get living in an old house)
It is nearly done!
It's nothing extreme--like we originally wanted...But since we don't plan on living here forever we did what we needed to do to sell it down the road....
I just have to paint one last coat on the cabinets.
And seeing that my hands are full during the day with Kie--
and he only naps if I nurse him (yes we still nurse!)
then my only time to paint and do most of my work (editing and writing) is the wee hours of the night or morning.

ALL that being said..
Life has been a bit of an adjustment!
We are also still working on SAVING money and applying Dave Ramsey's tactics...
So I'm excited to announce we have NOT went out to eat in over two weeks!

Two weeks!?
Is that ALL?
And I'm celebrating?!

Yes, just two weeks...and yes, I'm celebrating.
Not that we went out a WHOLE lot...but the weekends usually meant two dinners out.
Friday nights were filled with Taco Cabana/Pei Wei or something we picked up...
So now I've been cooking EVERY meal!
Yep, including making Justin a lunch for work.
His favorite is egg salad or tuna salad sandwiches.

On weekends, Justin and I trade off cooking.
He is a GREAT cook!
Breakfast is his speciality!
(And any German meal you may desire)

My goal was originally to make it a month before dinning out.
However, my dad is coming into town this weekend for his 55th birthday-SO since it's a special occasion, and I'm a Daddy's Girl by every account--we will celebrate by going out.
Of course, I did offer to make a full course meal here at home...but my parents love eating out in Austin--(Seriously Austin is rated one of the top cities to dine in--ahhh I miss you Austin food) SO it will be our treat.

Oh, so Daddy J and I have been doing a lot of hot tubbing...
The nights have been cold and beautiful out.
It's the NO business area.
We don't speak work, business, finance...we just sit, relax, "date" and watch the stars.
It's so nice...It's like our little bit of time to focus on us. Because it's easy to get caught up in the grind of day to day....

I am ready for spring and warmer weather, but I will definitely miss the nights out on the deck.
(Baby monitor is ALWAYS with us of course!)

Speakinf of Kie, I may add...
he is hilarious and WILD!
A day doesn't go by that he gets into SOMETHING!
Every week I get something thrown into the toilet.
Today was one of his books...

And I always have to be careful to make sure none of my things are in the diaper Genie when I go empty it out, because he loves throwing my makeup, iPod and Chapstick into it.

Ahhh, my precious little boy...
He is giving me a preview of what the TWOS will look like.

Btw, when he is outside it's a whole other ball game!
He is fearless!
At parks he climbs up slides backwards...
He plays with "BIG KIDS" (two years and over)
And he loves to dig in the dirt...
Oh and he RUNS and runs and RUNS!
He loves to be chased!

Of course our backyard is cleaner than most parks (in terms of doggy poo and such)
so I prefer he plays here.... incase he eats a rock I know it hasn't been pooped on or stepped on by something unpleasant.
But, I hate skipping a play date, so we visit Zilker Park at least once a week.

Alright, I'm wrapping this up...
Kie and Daddy are outside and I'm going to join them before J heads to church.

Until next time,


Ps, Enjoy my very random pictures.....

Some from NEW YEARS--yes, I'm slacking!
part of the backyard...
On cool nights we love to sit around the fire pit.

Our sweets table--cupcakes and S'mores! 

helping to get ready 

Daddy's sill 2012 glasses

Yea, ignore my crazy bow...Mommy was having fun that night
we couldn't get Kie to wear the cutest little top this was the best we got.
Love that baby face.

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