Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas is upon us!

I feel Christmas is in the air!  Our house is officially ALL decorated...lights on the house, Santa's and snowmen everywhere, Poinsettia's galore, tree up and presents underneath!  Last Thursday we had our friends over for Christmas cookies, pizza (yea for no cleaning dishes!) and watching The Office.  Of course my husband was working until the sun went down--catching time with him during the work week is basically non-existent.  It's ok, I have gotten use to it.  Besides, it gives me and Kie time to play most of the day and wait till last minute to finish up dinner and cleaning house before Dad is home.

Friday night Justin and I had a quite night in with Baby--and Saturday we had Haley, Dan and Scarlett (the little 4 year old I use to nanny) come over.  They hadn't met Kie and it was so nice to see them.  I definitely felt like the Brust family as a second family for me.  And to see Scarlett such a big 4 year old, compared to tiny Kie was fun.  They also had lots of goodies for him!

Then later that night we had our friends Shon and Nicholette come over.  They had yet to meet Kie too, due to Shon being sick.  Shon and Nic are Kie's adopted Uncle and Aunt!  They have been looking forward to meeting baby since the day we found out we were pregnant.

Nicholette was a natural with Kie and held him the entire night!  At first it was hard to let someone else hold Kie for so long, but I got use to it.  It was nice to sit on the couch and enjoy our friend's company in our own home.  They also brought Kie some precious festive outfits from Baby Gap (pictures to come!) and some delicious wine.  And usually I rather pass a glass of wine (especially since I'm nursing) but also because I'm very picky about wines.  But this one was just perfect!  I want to get a case or two for Christmas to bring home.  It's called Raza Argentina, it's a Dolce sparkling white wine.  It's so good and so light! Justin also made delicious, big Texas burgers with Swiss cheese and sauteed mushrooms!  Way better than any burger at any given restaurant.  

Sunday, Justin spent it Christmas shopping.  So me and Kie stayed home and watched Christmas movies on TV while he was out running errands.  Also Amanda came over to see me while her husband and mine worked.

Basically we've just been entertaining our friends that come over this past week--and I'm excited to see some more friends tonight, Justin's friend, Brett and his wife.  Justin use to wakeboard a lot with Brett.  I love having people over during the holiday season because our house is decorated and smelling of Pine Spruce trees and mistletoe (thanks to great candles from Hobby Lobby!)

Also life with baby is great!  Generally days consist of early morning feedings starting around 4am till 6 am.  Then we generally take a nap around 6:30am (when Daddy leaves for work).  And we sleep till nearly 8am (this is when momma gets her sleep in).  And from then on the day consists of lots of feedings (cluster feeds--every 2 hours) and dirty diapers.  And of course changes of clothes! (We have so many that I want him to wear that it's ok!)  Then we usually take a 30-60 minute walk to a store or grocery store for items we need for dinner or just to look around.  Of course we are all bundled up and we love riding around in the stroller, as long as Momma doesn't stop and look at something too long.  If we're moving we're doing good!  Then we return home to do a feeding before Daddy gets home and maybe take a quick nap so mom can clean house/throw on some makeup...and perhaps change her top because chances are there is milk, spit up or maybe a bit of teetee on it.  And if mom is really lucky she may get dinner started.  

I feel like I'm a single mom from about 12-1am to 6:30-7pm.  Not to say my husband isn't helpful with Kie.  He goes ABOVE and BEYOND.  But, I like for him to sleep at night because he works ALL day long.  So Justin will take the first night shift with Kie (meaning he'll get up with him until his feeding to change diaper/hold him) but after that I TRY not to let the baby wake him and I have him the rest of the night.  There are SOME nights when I let Justin get up for another one of the diaper changes.  But once Justin leaves at 6:30 am or so for work, I have Baby until he gets home which is well after 6pm.  And if he works on side work then sometimes the nights go to 8-8:30 pm.  Which leaves VERY little mommy and daddy time.  

Either way, motherhood is a blessing!  And I love and respect how hard J works....so it's ok that he is gone during the work week...we always make up for time on the weekends.  Being a mommy means you work full time and over time.  Luckily it's a job that comes with lots of love, slobbery smiles and coo's!  And I feel so fortunate my little man is such a lover baby.  He loves cuddling with his mommy.  I definitely am a person that is NOT at all lazy (I always have the house spotless, clothes cleaned/folded/baby bathed and even will walk all over Austin in a stroller just to keep busy) I'm a self claimed busy body-- BUT the thing I love MOST in my days is when I get a chance to lay down in our big bed with Kie curled up with me.  I wish I could lay there forever, but the OCD side kicks in and makes me get up to dust/clean...

Maybe that will subside soon and I'll be able to cherish those moments of big blue eye balls and flailing baby arms instead of dashing to do dirty dishes and dust!

Also we sent off ALL our Christmas cards this week--excited for friends and family to see our lil Angel!  

Oh yes, last night (funny moment) when we put Kie to bed...he laid in his pack & play talking/cooing for an hour.  Since he was so loud and talkative we had to take him out of our room since Justin couldn't sleep.  That makes the second night we've had to remove our BABY from our room for being so talkative (not crying!).  Of course, me being Mother Hen, went to sleep with him in another room.  I just think it's so funny that he's such a talker! 

Speaking of, I'm going to go rescue my lil man from his pack and play and love on him some before we go on our daily walking adventure!  Today we're checking out Christmas lights in the surrounding neighborhoods.

PS, this blog was started a few days ago---just takes me so much time to blog these days.  

Until the next sparing moments....

lots of love!

Mad at mommy

Grumpy I stuffed him in his car seat!

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