Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas and Last Week of 2010

Christmas was a crazy whirlwind!  

I never realized how special and wonderful the holidays could be once you have your own child!

(I'm able to blog right now because my sweet husband is holding our precious baby in the recliner right now.)

I got to spend a week in Atlanta with my family before Christmas.  Kie and I were spoiled! So many aunts, grandparents and cousins wanting to help out and hold the baby allowed some ME time.  I was able to get my hair cut, colored...a much needed mani/pedi and even a massage! I was in Heaven! (It was also part of my Christmas present from my wonderful parents.) Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed that time with family & friends.

Also everyone thinks Kie looks just like his daddy.  Which he does.  He's a spitting image of his father!  I'm sure people question what I had to do with him--other than the 16 hours of labor ha!

Once Justin got into town (he had to stay in Austin until right before Christmas due to work) we had our first date night. It was needed and actually pretty romantic.  Though, I was paranoid about being away from Kie so long.  I made sure to pump two bottles for him and he was in great hands with his grandparents.  

Justin and I went to Jefferson for dinner at Lamaches and then for a drink at Auntie Skinner's.  And as much as I TRIED to be the fun girl I use to be...but it's hard getting out of mommy mode.  

I have literally changed SO much.  My thoughts are strictly of my son.  And yes, I still try to pamper my husband.  But it's so easy to get caught up on the baby.  So I was trying to make that night strictly about Justin. 

(To mommies-to-be, or women wanting a baby--beware!  Your spouse may be your world NOW but once a baby is in it, it's hard to pull yourself away from your baby and give time to your partner and for yourself!)  

I'm sure once Kie is older I will feel better about being away from him....but I don't know.  Even when he's in the same room with me, I can't keep my eyes off him.  Anyway, the night went so great....and it was really special to have the night to ourselves and to focus on all the great changes that have happened from last Christmas to the current one.  I miss dating' my husband.  

Back to Christmas....
Justin spoiled me this year.  Even though we talked about not having a big Christmas.  I guess this is our last year really to splurge on one another since the next Christmases will be all about Kie, since this year he wasn't so aware of Santa and such.

Though really this Christmas was all about Kie...
He was the center of attention at all our families homes!
He also got some great presents from his grandparents and from Santa.

Anyway, I'm AMAZED how fast this year has flown by!

Last December I graduated from the University of Texas!
This December married with a baby!

I'm hoping I can find time to make a post of Halley's HIGHLIGHTS of 2010....
but for now I gotta run!

Aunt Kait and Kie
Big Daddy and Kie

Grandmother and Kie
date night!

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