Friday, December 17, 2010

In a blink

Growing up so fast!
Life is going by so fast! Forgive me for not blogging.  I rarely have the time to brush my hair much less get on the computer these days.  Anyway, things have been going great.

Kie is growing so fast!  I want him to stay young forever.  Tho, I am excited to watch him grow.  He is learning so much, I can see it all in his little face.  (So many new facial expressions, responding to different stimulating things and of course staying awake and so alert during the day!) So mommy has been a good mommy and is SPENDING time with  that means laundry/dishes and showers get put on the back burner.

Last week Justin and I had our own Christmas because this year we are going to Atlanta.  I will be leaving a week early to spend time with my family and for them to all meet Kie.  Justin and my brother will be leaving later this week once they get off work.
--  Dad is picking me up this Saturday (tomorrow) and we are driving to Dallas to meet my new nephew David Archer and for him to meet his new cousin, Kie. Also for Kie to meet his big cousin Amelia! (2 years old) It's an exciting year for our family.  Two new Princess Amelia means we have three babies in our family.  And what is better than a baby? Nothing!

So anyways me and Justin exchanged gifts last weekend because this weekend I'm leaving and he is working.  I got some great gifts and I know he liked his.  Especially his new cowboy boots.  And, I may add...he looks great in them!  I never saw the day that my Californian, wake-boarding, scub-diving, jumping out of plane man would be wearing big ole TEXAS boots.  He looks like he may have turned Texan officially.

Last Sunday was also a big day for us because we ventured to church.  Our first church service with Kie.  He actually went to the service because he is too young for the nursery (not 6 weeks yet.)  He was so cute in his little outfit, sleeping in his car seat.  He stayed awake for a lot of the service and then when we sang "Silent Night" he appropriately fell asleep soo sweet!

After church we were  excited to go to our Sunday School party at Penney and Jerry's.   We hadn't been to church since Kie was born and it was so nice to see everyone!  And it was a White Elephant party so watching everyone open their gifts and steal them was hilarious.

Justin's chewed gum fridge magnets were a hit. (Or so he thought!)  The guys had to get guy gifts, girls get girl gifts. (Under $5).  So when Justin spotted this gag gift he knew he had to buy it for the party.  Embarrassingly enough, when all the presents were passed out and exchanged...everyone wanted to know where the odd chewed gum magnets came from.  Justin proudly raised his hand!

The party was filled with all the holiday fixings and great desserts and even better company.  I feel so blessed to finally find a great church home.

Here are some pictures from the event.  Which are all from Jerry Malcolm's camera. (Thanks Jerry!)
Party Pics!

Justin and I feel very blessed and gracious.  Life is so peaceful now.  Being a true family, with a son has opened our eyes and hearts so much to many things.  Our lives have meaning and a wonderful purpose.

Justin proves daily how great of an example of a man he is to our son.  Though Kie may be too young to notice now, I'm excited for him to learn from his father.  His dedication and patience is such a great reminder to me on a daily basis how blessed I truly am.  (Sappy, I know!)  But I can't help but just reflect on the positive things this time of season.

Also, all my praying and studying of great books like Love and Respect and doing the The Love Dare has showed me the way I need to love, in the way Christ loves the church.

I'm by NO means perfect and I guess that's why I am so grateful, because an imperfect person like myself is able to have true JOY due to God's love and mercy which  is an amazing feeling.

Anyway--this week Justin and I have been cherishing our time together--and with Kie before this weekend rounds out. Tonight we're going to dinner together (and of course w/baby) and then to 37th street to look at the famous light display.  Then I'm heading to Dallas tomorrow!

It's going to be a great Christmas with so much family.  I can't wait! (Especially can't wait to see you Kait and Seth!) I also can't wait to see what Santa will bring Baby (because he has been one good lil boy--regardless of the nights he keeps me up!)

Gotta wrap this up because there's lots of packing to be done while Kie is don't realize the AMOUNT of things you need for a baby until you have to go somewhere.  Diapers, wipes, blankets, spit-up blankets, onesies, nice clothes, socks, beanies, car seat, stroller, toys, boppy, breast pump, bottles, towels...etc!  So much for such a little man!

Hopefully I'll find some time to blog some while I'm home in Atlanta. IF not, there will be a post AFTER Christmas.

Lots of love and Happy Holidays!!!


Baby Kie playing with his Christmas gift from his Oma

Kie is little small for his bouncy toy, but he still wanted to try it out!

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