Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Year Behind!

 Happy Twenty-Eleven from the Knuths!

I am already running behind on updating my blog.  Seriously, this mom thing is a 24/7 job!  I'm not complaining but I rarely have time for much these days.  And I also feel extremely guilty when I do anything else that is NOT devoted to my son.

Mainly because I want to cherish these days since he is growing up so darn fast!

Anyway--New Year's Eve was great.  We spent it playing games and eating with good friends.  Low key, but fun enough that I needed some extra sleep the next day.  Needless to say, Kie was the center of attention and our main source of entertainment (besides Wii, Catch Phrase and Apples to Apples)!

This week has been FLYING by.  Kie turned TWO MONTHS on the 3rd.  I took him in for his 2 month appointment.  He is 11 pounds, 11 ounces!  My baby is getting so big, it makes me sad!  I want him small forever.  Though, he is learning how to smile.  He has been smiling for awhile but now he knows how to 'control' it.  So I have secret ways to make him laugh, smile and coo at mommy.  I love those times.

This weekend I will be heading home to Atlanta because Justin will be also heading to Atlanta (Georgia) for work.  I didn't want to spend the week home alone and neither did my parents.  So they are meeting us half way to pick me and Kie up!

I'm going to be so sad without Justin around but it will help being home with all the family.

This is Justin's last class to get his masters for Land Rover.  So I'm excited and also really nervous for him.  He's got a big test to take the end of next week.  But I'm sure he'll do good!

Anyway--this week has been good.  Justin has been cooking dinner most nights (so sweet of him) to give me time to hit the gym.  Goodness knows I need it.  And also to run some errands without the Baby.

But basically that's been it.

I do have a few resolutions for this year--

So here they are!

1.  Lose the baby fat!
--So technically the doctor instructed me NOT to diet.  I have to eat 1800 calories to keep up my milk supply.  I plan on nursing for a year.  So, we'll see how it goes.  Losing the weight while EATING that much is going to be hard.  I have a ways to go....and no sleep and little time to workout doesn't help.

2.  Finish our house! 
 We have DONE so much already!  But we are redoing our living room and bathroom and I'm so excited.  We have all the stuff we need and now that I'm not pregnant I can help Justin again with everything.  We should be on Renovation Realities! --We are big DIY'ers when it comes to things around the house.  And Justin is super handy.  He's definitely a jack of all trades.

3. Stop biting my nails.
I went 2 weeks after Christmas and was so excited.  But I bit them off the other day.  I know, gross habit! But I seriously think LONG natural nails are scary.  I love acrylic nails.  But real ones gross me out.  

4. Finish all the books I'm reading.  
I'm simultaneously reading about five books.  I really need to read them all and be done with them.  But like I said the no sleep and little time for myself doesn't help.

5. Become more involved with our church.
 I love our church and I can't wait to be more active in it.  We will be resuming our Sunday School class in the middle of this month once we're back from our trips to Atlanta.
 --Then we are meeting with our preacher (Kie Bowman) to get our Baby Kie dedicated.

and lastly....

6.  Be a better child of God, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend.

ANYWAY--I have a lot of resolutions for this year.  And I'm hoping for the best!

Well I better do the dishes while baby is sleeping.

Until next (free) time--


Daddy swinging Kie around in his blanket singing "Look what the Stork brought in!"


  1. awwwww he is SOOOO adorable with his little smile! And Justin is funny with the stork thing! haha.. miss you!! Had a great time with you over Christmas. xoxo

  2. aww thanks Kait, you're so sweet. Kie loved spending time with you....I hope to see you sometime before NEXT Christmas? Maybe meet in Florida? That's our plans for this summer...


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