Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy Friday

Happy Friday!

I love Fridays for numerous reasons.  Mainly because they are the start of the weekend, which means spending time with J and family time.  However, I'm leaving tomorrow to go to I'm sad I won't be spending time with him.  

However, I wanted this blog to be about some random things that I'd like to share.

 Here I go (by the way, if I ever blog while Justin is at work then there's a 99% chance I'm typing while nursing) BUT in this rare case, I'm bouncing a Boppy with a baby on it.  It's an interesting sight!

First OFF---I just got a Shake-Weight....yess I know what you're thinking, "Omgosh those are silly, why'd in the world would you get one?!"  Believe it or not I thought they were hilarious too! But someone I know got one, and they testified that it did work.  So the other night when Justin was on baby duty I ran to Academy.   I had a gift card there and I picked up one (along with some new running shoes!).  Anyway, it does seem to work.  It definitely makes my arms tired.  I actually took a BEFORE picture and will do use the Shake Weight 6 minutes everyday for 2 months....(that should give me time!?) and I will post the results! So be looking for that March 7th!

   **I got the 6 minutes/day from their advertising**

Also, in the last two weeks I've eaten two jars of jalapenos.  I have NEVER liked them before.  So I don't know if it's a hormone shift after pregnancy or what?  Luckily I've not had any problems with indigestion from them but I seriously can't get enough of them.  Glad I developed this weird eating habit rather than eating a box or two of donuts or M&Ms

Alas, I'm finally feeling like myself after delivery.  I still have a WAYS to go.  But I am feeling like my hormones have been in check for a while and my body feels like it's 80% healed.

I think by the 6 month mark I will be back to lifting weights (real weights not the Shake Weight) and doing ab work soon.

I am just being real, but I don't see myself looking good in a bathing suit this season.  Since I'm going to be nursing for a year I don't expect to lose a lot of weight (though the myth of nursing and losing is still strong) it isn't totally true.  Yes, you may burn an additional 300 calories a day, but you also have to consume 300-500 kcals to keep up with your milk supply.  So basically you level off.  And I believe I have.  

I am ready to feel sexy again! But Justin is a true gentleman and always makes me feel beautiful and so good about myself. Sometimes though it's not so much how others view you (or your spouse who is generally always loving) but how you feel about yourself.  I know it took me 9 months to completely morph my body, where I GREW and harbored a little human being!  And I know it will take time for it to get back to a semi normal state.  

--Winter Blues?--

So now that Halloween, Thanksgiving & Christmas are over...what to look forward to next?

Usually we have a vacation in the future that I can look forward to--and happily we are in the midst of planning one.  I still want to head to Colorado for some skiing and snowboarding.  Though last year I tore my MCL so perhaps I should avoid the slopes!

I do know we are going to the beach this summer (I think somewhere in Florida) so Justin can scuba dive and I can relax with the little man (under a lot of umbrellas, sun screen and protective clothing --for him at least!)  I also am getting certified to dive,  I'm so excited!  Justin is probably even more excited though.  He loves to dive and he loves sharing his experiences with me.  I am definitely not ready to do 150 feet like he has done previously. But I love the ocean and I can't wait to see all the creatures under the water!

Also we are making a trip to California in the next 6 months to visit Justin's family and friends. 

There is a lot to look forward to--and I'm just amazed how time passes by!

Well I better get some housework done, Lil man fell asleep on me and I'm going to put him down so momma can get some cleaning done!

Tonight we are going out with one some friends to eat Mexican food at a hole in the wall restaurant.  We  don't even know the name we just call it "Our Restaurant."  So we are sharing our little diamond in the rough with our amigos! ;)

I also need to go pump a bottle for tonight so I can enjoy a margarita.

Until next time!


Kie's first ever LAUGH was yesterday!  After our walk around Town Lake.

Town Lake

Love my lil Chunky Monkey!

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