Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

It's that time of the WEEK! To play along, go check out Jamie's blog  "This Kind Of Love" to link yourself!!
With that being SAID....this is a SPECIAL Wednesday.

More so it was very special YESTERDAY

So what I'm so very gratefully, graciously thankful for is....


Yesterday Justin and I went to visit our preacher, Dr. Bowman.
We went to see about Justin joining our church.  I had been a member since 2006 and Justin wanted to join (he had been coming with me for over a year or two.)  And we also wanted to talk about Kie being dedicated at one of the services.

All my expectations for the meeting were BLOWN out of the water!  Dr. Bowman was so nice and his meeting/talk with us was JUST as great as one of his sermons!  We were blessed to have him personally for an hour!  Anyway, he asked a little about the both of us and how we grew up.

My story is pretty boring.  I'm from a small town, Atlanta-Texas, born and raised in a Baptist Church. Saved and Baptized at 9 years old. Yada ya ya...(Though of course I've been through my share of trials and tribulations...but we all have!)

Then Justin told his story---which, some may know.  My husband's life was polar opposite of mine.  He was born in California, where he witnessed his own father take his life, in which Justin had to cut his dad out of the tree in their yard. (He hung himself.)  Justin was 13, taken by the State of California--lived in group homes/orphanages.  Grew up around Santa Barbara where gangs ruled the coastal towns.  You either were in a gang for protection or you were killed.  Justin emancipated himself from his mother (who had left him and his brother).  Started working at 14, had his own apartment...And has been working for the last 20 years.  He was his own parent and his own guardian.  He experienced a lot of different vices to help him cope.  He was always battling his past but was able to overcome them through a lot of therapy.  

ANYWAY--Dr. Bowman was touched by Justin's story.  He started to witness to Justin about Jesus, also comparing Justin's life story to verses in the Bible.  After talking to Justin about life and death, our choices in life--and the wages of sin then Justin prayed the sinner's prayer with my preacher.  
There I was sitting with him in our Pastor's office, rocking Kie in my lap--as we witnessed Justin take Jesus Christ into his life.  Finally, a love that would NEVER leave him.  A God that would never forsake him.  
Justin's eyes were filled with tears and he had the biggest grin on his face.

I have seen Justin 'cry' a total of 3 times.

1.) When we missed the plane to Cabo, causing us to MISS our wedding.  (Will blog about that one day!)
2.) When we got married. Ok, he teared up. Not so much cry.
3.) And yesterday, asking and accepting Christ into his heart and life.

Justin is making it PUBLIC--on Sunday.  He is joining the church--where Dr. Bowman will tell our congregation about Justin asking Christ into his life.  Then the following Sunday he will be getting baptized!

I cannot tell you how happy and overjoyed I am!

My husband has always been a good man, regardless of the pitfalls of life.  He's got a great heart and would give the shirt off his back to anyone.  He was raised Catholic as a little boy, but after his family split apart---Justin's only concern in life was to survive.

Since marrying me, I've witnessed to Justin and tried to show him God's love.

God has been working in his heart for a long time. So I cannot tell you how happy I am, my family and his friends are--for this great decision!

Well, that's what I love this Wednesday!

Until next time!



  1. OH MY GOSH! I just got chills- this is a great story and I'm so happy for you and your family. Justin is such a wonderful man and this just made him MORE wonderful!



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