Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

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What I'm loving!

First off, I love reading my cousin's blog  Mrs. DIY and the tennis guy!
She always has some fun craft she is doing (always cute and Pottery Barn-ish) and she's got a lot of exciting things going on in her life! 
It would be MY ideal life it I didn't have my own!

I also LOVE that when I woke up this morning....
(after our 5:00 am feeding I go back to sleep)

That Daddy J, cleaned the ENTIRE HOUSE!
He woke up at 6, changed and dressed Kie.  Cleaned the kitchen, the living room, the baby's room and started the laundry and dishes. Made coffee for me and him and got off to work before 7! I really don't know how he does it!

It takes a lot for me to get that much done when I'm with Kie all day. And he did it all before work!

My husband is amazing! I'm reminded daily how great he is and I'm forever grateful to God for blessing me with him.  

Not to mention, last Sunday he was announced at our church! He officially joined Hyde Park Baptist and the preacher told our congregation how he gave his heart to Jesus! And that he will be getting Baptized this month. In fact, he is getting baptized the 20th of this month when his mom (from Colorado) will be here.  She has never met Kie either, so it will be a big special weekend for everyone.

I am ALSO loving....

Kie's sweet baby talk!

My sweet baby loves to chat! He babbles and coos and his favorite word is "ahhhh goooooo!"  It's the cutest thing ever!

All day long he talks, smiles and gurgles! 

I'm also LOVING that it's February....

February is getting closer to SPRING time! And Spring in Austin is beautiful! Right now it's a  whopping 18 degrees! And I'm a true blue Texas gal, which means I don't fair well in the cold!

I am still in need to get in shape before  this summer time....but that is for another blog.

AND lastly....
 I'm loving this week rather than last week...
Because last week I spent my Friday night in the ER.

Since my c-section (3 months ago) I've been experiencing a lot of pain in my lower right torso.  I chalked it up to healing, ligaments re-attaching and perhaps the cold weather.

Well last Friday it was 70 degrees, and I was in immense pain. So I no longer could blame the cold weather for the sharp piercing pain in my abdomen.  I tried to relax the majority of the day, but the pain progressed.  Of course it PEAKED after the doctor's office closed and I called a 24 hour nurse who informed me she thought it sounded like appendicitis.

We got to the ER around 7 pm and I stayed there till 1:30 am.  They ran a lot of tests, checked my appendix, gall bladder, uterus, my incision, looked for cysts, check my kidneys and did a few sonograms. But they could not determine why I was in pain.

So yesterday I was finally able to get in to my doctor.  He informed me my pain is from an internal suture or something left from the surgery.  And that I should expect this pain for  6 months. 

I trust my doctor, but I find it hard to believe a suture could resonate so much pain.  And why is it hurting worse 3 months post op?

I don't know. Nor am I a doctor.

So I guess I will just suck it up and deal.  Tho I may add, when the pain strikes I can't walk, carry Kie or stand straight.

I don't take pain meds. And I'm very healthy, exercise often and eat good. So I don't know.  Even my incision from the surgery has healed up great and never had a problem!

ANYWAY...that was last weekend.  At least now I know when the pain strikes, that it's not detrimental to my health.  

I always look for the positive!

well I'm done nursing which means I'm done blogging!

Until next time,



  1. You are loving some great things :) What a cute baby!

  2. awww you are so sweet and I hope you get to feeling better so soon! <3

  3. awwww way to love all those things :) feel better girl!


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