Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

It's Wednesday and I've not done a "What I'm LOVING Wednesday" in awhile--so today's the day! Plus a little run down of this past weekend and week!

If you'd like to start doing a "What I'm loving Wednesday" HERE is the link to Jamie's blog to link up!

I am starting to LOVE coffee.
It's more of a CafĂ© au lait!

But regardless, it helps me get through the morning when all I want to do is take a morning nap with Baby.

I love weekends with my husband and son!
My husband works 80+ hours a week so time during the work week is hard to find. But weekends are for FAMILY time!
I cherish our time together so much.  We usually spend one day with close friends, playing board games and socializing.  One night in watching movies and Sunday is of course church day!  Weekends can't get here fast enough for the Knuth family!

Baby Kie wearing his Bevo outfit! (Notice the Longhorn horns!)

I LOVE motherhood.
The spit up in my hair, the changing dirty diapers, the nursing at all hours of the night, the teetee on the onesies, the rocking, the smiles, the coos, the flailing baby arms and legs...

AH, motherhood is such a blessing.  Hard or not, I love it and thank God everyday (and my husband) for our sweet lil man.

I also love my new Saucony running shoes--

I love my Victoria Secret yoga pants (I live in these!)

I love Date Nights!
--Justin and I got to go on our *second* date since Kie was born.

We went to Cafe Josie for dinner Saturday night.  What was so ironic is we went there nearly a year ago to the day!  That day last year, Justin revealed how he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me--and plans were set for the future!

I also LOVE this beautiful weather!
It's been in the 50's here in Austin and sunny!
Today I'm meeting my friend Allison at Town Lake for a walk (with my super fun stroller) and Kie!
I can't wait to see her, it's been over a year! And for her to meet my sweet lil man.

I also LOVE me & daddy time in the HOT TUB.
  After we put Kie down for bed, we put him in our room with the monitor on--and we go out on our deck to soak our muscles in the water.  Believe it or not, carrying around a 12 lb baby all day can make your arms and shoulders a little sore!  So I definitely enjoy the 15-20 minutes we get to soak in the hot water!   Plus the nights are cold and enjoying the quiet winter sky is a bonus.  I usually imagine we are far away from the city :)

---Well that's it for What I'm Loving!

--Also, like I mentioned above, this past weekend Justin and I went out for a date while my parents were in.  I love grandparents and free babysitting! 

Our date was fun and refreshing!  It felt good putting on something nice and dressing up.  After we went out to dinner we ended up at a favorite spot of ours a year ago (Justin refers to it as our 'old stomping grounds'. ) It was amusing because we ran into some old friends we hadn't seen since Kie was born.  We realized a lot has changed in our lives and we are so happy where we are at. We definitely don't miss the social scene and everything that goes with it.  We now have our own social circle that doesn't mind quiet nights in---and taking turns holding little man! lol

Sunday we went to church and Kie decided to wake up during the service to do some vocalizing during Dr. Bowman's sermon.  So Justin took Kie out to the lobby where he listened to the rest of the service where no one minded if Kie decided to talk back to the preacher! Ha!

We also went after the service so that Dr. (Kie) Bowman could meet our sweet little Kie.

Dr. Bowman really enjoyed that we named our lil man after him.  

Anyway, I have some cleaning to do before we head downtown to the lake. 
Hope everyone is doing great!

Lots of love-

-HK & Kie-

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