Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Baby Lane


I think there needs to be a lane for parents/guardians with babies.  This lane would have no stop lights or 4-way stops.  Because, if you're a parent or have ever driven around with a baby....then you know babies love movement.  And Kie, like my little niece, will start to whimper as soon as the car starts to slow down or movement ends.  And, if we're unlucky to fully stop and sit for a bit at a busy light or intersection, then Kie has started his full on baby cry.  It's actually a super cute cry, but not so cute when I can't soothe him.  

If Daddy J is driving, I prefer to sit back-sit with the Lil Man--just in case I need to soothe him.  But if I'm driving with just Baby, then there's not much I can do!  Anyway, instead of a HOV lane, there needs to be a BABY lane.

Just my 2 cents.


Last weekend we had a GREAT time.
--Friday Justin and I had family night.  It was crab cake and salmon Friday.  Followed by time spent in the hot tub.  (Lil man is in bed and we have his monitor on).  
Saturday we SPRING CLEANED the house.  I realize it's a bit early to be "Spring Cleaning" but we tagged team the house and clean and scrubbed everything.  I was excited because I used my new little vacuum.  It's just a hard wood floor/carpet cleaner one, but it's little enough to clean in hard places like under the bed/sofa and crib.  (We have a big vacuum as well, which Justin uses for the rest of the house.)
We also went shopping for Kie, which I love.  He got some new jeans, a hoodie, a baseball footsie, a motorcycle onesies, new shoes, a few extra onesies and a new beanie!  And it was all for $30 at TJ Maxx.  (Btw, I had never been there before!) Wow,  I'm definitely going back for the little man!

We also got him a new bouncy swing that you can connect to a door frame so he can work on his leg muscles.  He is a bit young for it, but he still enjoys sitting in it and letting us bounce him.

That night our friends Sean, Michelle, Amanda and Warren came over for dinner and board games.  (It's becoming a weekend tradition).  Michelle made a delicious King Ranch Casserole, I made Megan's cheesecake cookies (thanks lady!) and together we all feasted.  We played Catch Phrase and Cranium till 1 am!  It was a lot of fun playing with Justin. We were a great team.  Usually we play guys vs. girls but decided this time to do couples.  

Kie was also a great host, he laughed and played and fell asleep! <3 Such a sweet little man.

Anyway, this week is already flying by! Later on today we're meeting with our preacher to talk about dedicating Kie at one of the services soon.  We're so excited.  I can't wait to watch our sweet baby grow up in Sunday School and be an active little boy in choir and all the fun activities of church.

Well I'm going to finish straightening up the house and maybe me and Kie will go out for a walk around the neighborhood.  I was working out pretty good the last few weeks but the weekends always throw me for a loop.  Zumba is a lot of fun as well, but getting Kie down to enjoy it is hard!

I usually have to make a fool of myself dancing in front of Justin while he holds the baby.  I get a good (sweaty) workout in, he gets a good laugh.  A win-win for all!

Until next time,



  1. Sounds like you guys had a super fun weekend! And I'm glad you liked the cookies! :) I promise that one of these days I'll make it there so I can FINALLY meet your little man. Things have just been so crazy lately and every time I think I'll finally be able to come visit, something comes up! I love reading all about your ever-changing life and how Kie is doing. Love you sweet girl!

  2. OH MY GOSH. you've never been to TJ MAXX????? goodness gracious, I practially live in that store!

    Sounds like you had a great weekend! I wish we lived closer and I'd come see you and Kie (and Justin) every day! :)

    Miss you!! xoxo


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