Sunday, August 4, 2013

prayers answered and blessings!

Ah so much to fill in!

Last I left off--we had our wonderful vacation in Florida.
The week we got back, I played hostess to my niece and her friend who were driving cross country (from California to Georgia!) We spent a week with the two girls and it was so nice getting to know my niece.  She was such a sweet girl and such a talented artist! We really got to bond a lot and the girls were so kind and offered to watch the boys one night so that Justin and I could grab dessert downtown at Second Bar and Kitchen,

I really do hope we get to visit with Lexie again soon! (To know more about why they're driving across country check out their blog here!

After that week, I had another week of sorting and unpacking our lives before my family came in for Kix's baby dedication.
That week alone was filled with some awesome things!
Friday night we went to another Express game and watched the fireworks (love those games and so do the boys!)
Saturday, mom and I spent the day shopping with Kix.
Later that evening, the whole family went to County Line in the Hill Country for great food and to catch a beautiful sunset over the hills.

As for Sunday--it was such a blessing to have my parents, our great friends and Joshua for such a special time!

My prayer is that Kix grows to walk with the Lord early on in life.
That he becomes a great man of God, a leader for Him and a light in this world.
I'm so excited to watch my boys grow in a church home that puts the children's ministry as priority!!

I just feel so very grateful to have such a great place that I can go and worship God so freely with so many other amazing Christian brothers and sisters!

As for our church, God has answered my prayers.
I've been wanting to serve more and get more involved with our church. 
God opened up a door.... Justin and I will be teaching Sunday School now with the 4 and 5 year olds!

We started this Sunday :) It was so much fun and I met so many amazing men and women of God.
I felt like it was such an ease and I love that my boys also have great nursery and Sunday school classes to grow in!

I'm also excited to see where God will take us this year. I just want Him to use us in anyway He sees fit!

And, it also melted my heart to see Justin with all the kids.
He may seem like a hard shell on the outside, but that man is so great with kids.
He gets on the floor and plays and plays!
He was so loving and kind with them.
I'm so happy God has blessed us so to be used by Him! 
Thank you God!

I also have some exciting work related news going on--
I recently am taking on a pretty big job--(from home) and it was an opportunity that just fell in my lap!
I definitely think God is the one that opened this door!

As for life this week, I'm gearing up to head out to Atlanta for a week with the boys! 
My Mom will be in Austin this Tuesday with her teachers for a conference then I head home with her Friday...for a week!

We have a lot going on this August (really this entire Fall season) so I'm anxious for us to get on a schedule.

Basically, this is our last little hoorah before I get busy with work, hosting family every other weekend, football season and boot camp resumes tomorrow and I'm also starting the 28 Nutrition Challenge this Wednesday!

We also are prepping for Promotion Sunday at the end of August---which means Justin and I will 'be on our own' in some sense with our new class! All in all, an exciting time!

Alright, well I'm wrapping this up because I have a 5am wake up call and I'm nervous because it's been A MONTH since I've done boot camp!

Pretty sure I will puke tomorrow! (
ps, stay tuned! I'm doing my HYDRO BODY FAT TEST Wednesday! And I'm getting back on the OPERATION HOT MOM train!

Be ready for my 'reality check' post!

Until next time,

I cut Kie's hair again! I think I'm getting pretty good at it! 

trying to capture a great sunset photo 

Love them all!  


  1. You guys will be wonderful with Sunday School! Let me know when you guys are in Atlanta if the boys want to play with EK! They would have a blast!

    1. Kirby! That would be so fun! Kie would LOVE EK!


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