Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I've fallen off the wagon

Quick, quick update!

SO, I've fallen off the fit and healthy train that I've been slowly riding the past few months.

It started after vacation.
It really has been SO hard getting back on.

However, TODAY I decided I'm going to get back into gear.

Fall is coming (the season, not the actual weather for us in Austin)
and I want to be wearing my nice, SMALLER sized jeans!

Not, the loose, LARGE Mom jeans that I have tucked away under the bed for emergencies, post-baby bodies or for when I decided to be a gluttonous gal and eat my weight in whatever carb that I can put my hands on.

I'm seriously debating doing the CG Nutrition Challenge.
They take your body stats and find out how much is FAT, if there is any lean body mass and so on.

You also are in a competition and could potentially win money!

It does cost to do it--
but maybe I need the competition edge to get me back into my boot camp workouts and Paleo-whole food eating again?

I'm going to make my decision--and :::GASP!:: if I do go through with it--I may just share my BEFORE stats!

Which would mean you'd know my weight!
And how much of me is full on-FAT girl FAT! AHHHHH


I think I'm going to do it!
I like the challenge part.
I also need some incentive...
and I'm tired of being sluggish and ready to fuel my body properly again
AND to be feeling toned.

UNTIL next time,


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