Wednesday, July 24, 2013

summer days are flying by

You know how kids have to head back to school soon along with all my teacher friends?

I'm sure to them, summer flies by!

As a kid, I truly hated seeing all the school commercials on TV for fall clothes and school supplies or when I headed to the grocery store with my mom and they already had the schools listing of supplies at the front of the store....
It seemed there were so many reminders that SCHOOL was starting soon and that the sweet days of summer were nearing an end. (I did like getting new school supplies tho, something about new crayons and new notebooks made me giddy!)

Summer has FLOWN by.
It's nearly August!

This summer with two kids has been great but fast and furious.

It seems I rarely ever just sit.
And I'm ok with that.
However, sleeping in JUST once would be nice! A mom can dream.

As for a few weeks back--we spent it on the sandy WHITE beaches of Pensacola Beach, Florida.

We always have a great time with our BIG huge, extended family. This year we were missing a few family members, like my brother, Carter and my cousin Colt and his wife, Nikki (all who had to work! boo to being adults now)
All together this year I think there were 25 of us?

This year was pretty organized for us.  Everyday we had something fun to do or look forward to! I joked that it felt like we were on a cruise!

My mom, aka Juli, the cruise director--had a white board that she would set out on our patio...She did this for the entire week!  It has everything we needed to know for that day! lol

We had scheduled nightly dinners by each family, a *drink of the day* also done by each family--and we even had nightly games.  All of these things were just suggestions.  None of it was forced--because you could easily go out to dinner--or walk across the street to Peg Leg Pete's for something to eat or drink--or you could totally skip all the fun games. Speaking of games,
we played BINGO--(Dad laminated and made each card) and we had a cash pot and dad also made and gave away some of his ceramics.  (Did I mention my dad is a potter now? Not entirely sure that's the correct wording but ya know what I mean) and we also played lots of hilarious rounds of Catchphrase.

My mom also started a beach volleyball tournament/bracket that lasted all week.  THAT was a lot of fun!

All in all--the week was great!

We woke up and started our days with beautiful, long walks on the beach, coffee in our homemade-Dad-made coffee mugs and we filled the time in between with shrimp po-boys, lots of family time, strong drinks (one called SHIPWRECKED and the PainKiller lol) fried oysters, fresh boiled shrimp, trips to Peg Leg's, playing in the wavy ocean, white sands, snuggling with cute babies--nephews and a beautiful niece and also lots of prayer and gratitude for everything!

It is some of the best bonding and quality time we have all year with our loved ones!
Here's a few pictures....
but more stories and pictures to share soon!

watching volleyball games

Beautiful sister-in-law and my brother, Clint
miles and miles of beaches and where the skies and sea collide

one of many amazing dinners 

My husband--aka Mr. Mom--this man can do it all! Love him so!

look how ridiculously tan my Dad is! His Cherokee Indian genes are showing!

Sunsets from our patio

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  1. Now THIS is how you vacation with babies! Ryan and I were talking about getting the whole family to go to Gulf Shores with us.. mainly because it would be so much less stressful to have help with EK! I can't wait to see your dad's pottery, maybe he will decorate his yard with it so I can see it when I go home every evening...? LOL


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