Sunday, August 25, 2013

Home DIY projects

Have I mentioned how talented my husband is?

I know you don't wanna read a lot of mushy stuff but, I can't help but be proud of my husband's talents! 

The man can make and fix about anything!
Seriously! And to me, that is an admirable trait! (Hey, Jesus was a carpenter! lol)

I could have a billion and one posts over the things Justin has made over the years...but, for now I'll just share the two most recent ;) 

I mentioned in my previous post that Justin was working on my home school classroom.

Well, during the week we were in Atlanta, Justin got the walls up, the windows and doors in and everything sealed. We had the electrician come in (I pretty much made Justin hire someone since he really doesn't have the time) and we are waiting to get the insulation and drywall done soon.
 Then we can start fitting it for closets and storage space for all our school stuff/toys/crafts/books and more!

The room is a decent size---and has two sets of French doors, two windows and a door that leads to Justin's workshop.

I'm hoping the kids will like that it's off the house so that it truly feels like they're stepping into school once they're in the room! :)

I'm pretty excited about it!
I have one wall that is completely open and blank that I plan on using for a white board and a 'bulletin board' setup.

However, we still have a ways to go--and we aren't aiming to really be finished with it until the following Fall season. (We pay everything in cash--so if there is wiggle room we throw that money into our 'class' fund).

As for OTHER DIY projects,
Justin just made us a new address spot!

He drilled the rock out, cut and put the steel on the back of the numbers and drilled/glued them in place on the rock. He wanted it to have a 3D effect.

 I think it looks pretty good!

As for the other few projects, 
they've been minor ones.
A few months back I wanted to paint our door a red color.
I know a red door signifies something good, and uhhh not really sure
but I wanted something prettier than our plain Jane white door.
PLUS, it was looking rough.
I wish I had a before picture, but I don't.

Anyway, the new color is a deep red wine color.

Justin also made me the new front door hangy thing.
The letter K actually came from Hobby Lobby--
but Justin got some yellow and white chevron fabric, and made me the scrunchie-like hanger part of it.
You can't tell it's chevron really...but regardless, I love it!
Our plain, white door is now cute and colorful!

Oh, and notice that gold knocker?
Well, this picture doesn't show it--but it's engraved with our last name on it 'KNUTH' (Ka-Newt)--and the knocker is actually from Justin's DAD's house in Berlin, Germany.

It was one of only a few items that actually made it overseas after WWII.
So, it's pretty special to us :) (Btw, Justin's father's home was burned after the war to hide some of Hitler's SS info.)

ANYWAY--that's just a few things that are being done around here.
We have a LOT of future projects that are currently in progress...
Like, right now my flower beds are being tended to,
and I'm about to go outside and see if I can help clean some weeds.

I'm ready for MUMS and fall flowers soon!
Most of my summer flowers have done ok, but it's been hot and a lot had died...

stay tuned!
Baby posts, HOT MOM posts and more coming soon!
hope everyone is having a great weekend!


I love my little peacock I got at Emerald Gardens (my uncle's nursery on Hwy 71) He rocks and bends over to eat!
Also, Notice I need to clean my flower beds!?
new pics coming soon!

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