Friday, September 6, 2013

Baby catch-up (9 and 10 months!)

I've been such a bad blogger mom lately.

Kix is growing like a WEED!
I haven't posted his monthly updates like I said I was going to do, but---life happens ;) and I've been busy! (all in a good way)

BUT, let me catch you up to speed...
when Kix was 9months old (just a few days back)

  • still had only 2 teeth
  • was a crawling fast maniac
  • he stands everywhere
  • is obsessed with ME
  • hasn't slept a WHOLE night since birth. YUP, you've read that right. Kie was our golden child and sleep trained early. *Kix, is my insomniac little night owl!
  • REGARDLESS, of not sleeping--he is my love bug!
  • he is rough and tumble...way tougher that Kie was this age
  • Kix eats everything he can get his hands on --he loves bananas, sweet potatoes and apples.
  • he loves the water--to swim (in the pool) and he loves the sprinkler.
  • he is around 22-24lbs
  • he still wears sized 3 diapers
  • he wear 12-18months clothes for the most part
  • his hair is coming in thicker and thicker...oh, did I mention he has curls?
  • His eyes are massively huge and blue
  • Kie still calls him we call him BoBo as well. 
  • He was also dedicated at our church on July 28th---when he was a very new 9month old :)
  • Kix is curious and inquisitive.
  • He is smart and catches on very easily
  • And did I mention he is FAST?! now
He is 10 months :)

  • We now have 3 teeth!!! And a 4th one coming in. (We have two lower two and a front tooth in.)
  • Kix still wears size 3 diapers.
  • His hair is getting fuller everyday. Much unlike his brother who had no hair until after 1.
  • We can clap.
  • We can wave. (Which we started probably at 8 months)
  • We love to eat avocado, beans, chicken salad and hummus.
  • We can stand up and sit down, unassisted and without holding on.
  • We walk the furniture everywhere.
  • We have been moved into our own room now. :(
  • Kix can say "momma" 
  • Kix is brave and stable on his feet.
  • He takes risks.
  • He shows little fear.
  • He loves electrical outlets. Lol.
  • And he has to be a part of everything going on in the house. As in, you can't walk out of the room one second without him having a meltdown. 
  • He has my heart!
I know I don't have any girls to compare this to, but I LOVE having boys!
They're wild, energetic and loud.
They're precious and lovey--and they're definitely little Mommy's boys!
(Especially Kix) Kie is my independent little helper.
He is constantly helping me watch Kix.

I sometimes wish we could have a third boy....
but, we'll see where God takes us.

For now, I'm SO in love and LOVED by 3 Knuth boys and that's a great feeling!
I'm forever grateful to be a momma to these two babies!
(And yes, Kie is STILL my baby-always and forever.)

Ps, I asked Kie the other day what he wanted to be when he grows up?

His reply,
"I'm gonna grow up big and take care of you."

It melted my heart.
Justin then told me I needed to get that in writing!

Anywho, I have a lot to catch-up with!
I'm now on Instagram (yes, I'm late to the party).  I love it because I post everything on there and don't have to worry about bugging or filling every one's news feed on Facebook.
So, come find me.

OH, and stay tuned.
Remember that Body Fat test I did a few weeks back?
I got my results this week!

Posting everything next post!

Until next time,


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