Tuesday, September 10, 2013

When to take off the Mommy Cape...

Last (LAST) weekend, my parents were here--*yet another speed bump in my diet before we did my weigh-in* Really you call it a 'dunk'---since we had to be weighed underwater.
Don't ask me about the process because it was weird but fun.
Basically it was like a swimming pool/bathtub that you weigh in.

ANYWAY, I'm getting off topic...
So, my parents were in--and they love to go out to eat while they're here in Austin. Really, who doesn't love to go out to eat? 
Friday night we went out to Hyde Park Grill--and I LOVE that place.
I did my best to behave :) I had a salad with blackened chicken.

However, I did have a few of the fries! If you have ever been there, then you know their fries are HEAVEN sent. Not kidding.

After that, we headed home to visit a little with my parents and we put the babies down to sleep. 
My parents insisted that Justin and I got to go out for short date. 
So we stuck around our little bubble on South Lamar and headed over to Red's Porch. 
We sat at the bar to watch the FIRST COLLEGE FOOTBALL game of the season (Texas Tech and someone else....??? lol ) I ordered a Paloma, looking forward to a fresh/light drink to make up for the humid hot night.... I took a sip, and WOW was it AWFUL! 

What was awkward was we were sitting right there at the bar, with the lady bartender who made my drink.
So...I pretty much just had to pretend to drink it--which made things even more-awkward because the glass is clear...therefore, she knew I wasn't drinking it....
And no, I'm not one to complain. I'm passive-aggressive ;)

So after spending a few minutes pretending to drink my drink we left when Justin finished his beer.

We jumped into the car and went down the road to Barlatta...a new place that opened on Lamar. We walked right in and to our surprised it smelled of fish!  Come to find out it was a seafood/wine dive. Not what we were expecting OR wanting, so we walked out.

THAT pretty much was our date.
Part of the reason for the BLAH date was because my mood--but I'll get to that later...

SATURDAY we woke and spent the day shopping
My mom, Kix and I hit up the mall (Dad, J and Kie did man things) and I had one of the best surprises ALL that day.

I walked in to Express, just browsing when I noticed all their cute new jeans. I grabbed two sizes.  The size I KNEW I was wearing (but had been tight on me) and a size smaller. This size smaller was my pre-Kix size.

I decided to see if the pre-(Kix) pregnancy size would even inch up my thighs...and well, by golly, they fit! AND I had room to wiggle! I was so overjoyed! I sent the picture of me in my jeans to my husband and a few girlfriends---obviously celebrating.
And Justin sent me the sweetest text back, that I looked great and to get them! 
Soooo I did.

Now I'm back in my pre-Kix jeans--but ultimately I want to wear my pre-Kie*** jeans. (Which is one more size down).

I'm not a size 0 or 2...I'm a size 8. And that's NOT embarrassing. This body has gained and lost over 100lbs and produced two healthy children. My body, that GOD above has blessed me, has done me good! So, I'll GLADLY take a size 8 :) Plus, all my squats are giving me a nice bum ;)

I digress, well my day of shopping produced a new dress from Nordstrom, a new top and some jewelry for church. Basically I wanted one new dress for church but figured I could dress-up the rest of my old items to make them seem new :) 

My parents went to the UT game and we had to get all the updates on ESPN Scoreboard since we don't have the Longhorn Network (LAME!) thankfully we won!

Earlier that day, my mom and I had already discussed how Justin and I were going to go back out after the game to make up for our 'fail-date' the night before. My mom gave me one of the best mother/daughter talks she has ever given.  It was over marriage and motherhood.  Basically, I suffer from wearing my MOM cape too much. I mean, I'm always a mom. Most moms, always are moms. We don't get days off. We don't get time off and we don't get sick days.  For me, I stay in mom mode.  I am a mom. I love being a mom and my children come first.  However, sometimes...there are those moments that being a mom...needs to be behind something. For instance, GOD should always be placed before being a mom.  Your husband should be before your children. (Though, I don't practice what I preach).  Basically, my mom told me I needed to be MORE than a mom.  Us moms have to be many things! We're a mom, we're maids, we're taxi drivers, we're short-order cooks, we're teachers, nurses, Sunday school teachers, pirates, boo-boo kissers, captains, tickle monsters, princesses...the list goes on! 
Basically, she told me I needed to not only be a Mom for my children, but to be a fun-loving wife for my husband when that time comes (i.e, on those very rare date-nights).

My husband and I met when we BOTH were having fun and going out.  Part of the reason I fell for him was because he was so laid back and fun natured (unlike previous boyfriends).  I was also a lot of fun and enjoyed going out and dressing up. Believe it or not, I didn't live in yoga pants!
So, my mom said that I needed to tap into that head space...because, if you're a mom you KNOW how hard it is to stop being in mom mode.

It's easy for me to serve my children, my husband and to be in the role of a Mommy/Domestic Wifey...but, it's sometimes easy to forget that I also should relax and enjoy myself and not always be thinking of poop diapers and laundry ;)

Therefore, I slipped on my new jeans, my new top that my mom surprised me with--and I got dolled up! (for me)
And we headed downtown.  I said a prayer to God to help me just keep my mind on Justin and not my babies.  I knew my kids were asleep and safe at home with my mom and dad...
so, my eyes and mind were only on my husband. 

We went out to some of our old stomping grounds and boy was it fun!
We went downtown and even ran into some old friends--and it was nice just getting out. It was cool-ish evening and TEXAS won so I was in a great mood. PLUS, I was in my new-skinny jeans.
All in all, it was a great night! We got home and to bed--and the next day we had Sunday school ;)
More on that later!

ANYWAY, lesson is ladies....

Even though we're mommies,
our husbands have needs.
Yes, they love that we're GREAT moms...but, they also fell in love with us BEFORE we were blessed into motherhood.
So, tape into that from time to time ;)

Until next time,

ps, find me on Instagram! I post there more than FB---

Feeding ducks 
Grant celebrating his belated birthday with us
lazy day with my boys
Reading with Daddy

My little super-hero!
Cap and undies
Dinner at Hyde Park with this handsome 
Dad brought me some of his pottery.  
after church lunch with everyone
Cool Kie and Joshua 

Love jogging on the trail with my family. City life can be pretty sweet.

Oh hey, here's me in my new jeans 
Cute Kix 
I wanted short hair for the day. Not for me! 
Kie got into my mascara.
Showing me how to apply it.
Oh I love this toot! 
Had fun at the Home Depot Workshop this past weekend. 
 What girl asks for weights for her birthday?
Oh yea, this ONE does!
Hopefully this is my before photo.

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