Wednesday, October 2, 2013

SO many catch-ups!

This post was written a week and some odd days ago--newer post at the bottom!

I have not blogged in forever.
Life during football season is a blur.
Every home game my family is in town, which is a great thing! Especially, since we don't see them often. And, it means we have in-home babysitters, so Justin and I get to go out on dates. Which we love!

Also, with the weather finally cooling off means we're out doors more---and Kie's soccer league also keeps us busy on weekends.
AND with the fall means BIRTHDAYS! Lots and lots of birthdays for us!
Last week was my birthday--and I am now 27, I think ;)
I seriously keep forgetting my age.
I thought I was 27 all last year and then realized I was only 26 therefore, aging myself.
So, now I'm officially 27 'again'.
I think I'll stay 27 from here on out :)

My birthday was pretty low key and wonderful.

I started the am with bootcamp
and then Justin surprised me with breakfast and coffee (he was working but took off lunch to bring me goodies). Then he surprised me by coming home early and sent me to the SPA!

I had a late afternoon/early evening at Viva Day spa on South Lamar. It was wonderful and relaxing.

I did learn while I was there that my 'beauty routine' and the products I use--were considered 'McDonald's food'.
I was getting a facial and the lady kept asking me what products I liked and used
I named her a few and mind you, I'm super low maintenance. I typically buy things because they smell one of my face washes I buy because it smells like my Meme. Ha!

Anyway, after learning I've been smothering McDonald's on my face I felt the need to buy some new, 'healthy' organic washes.  Luckily for me, Justin knew I'd be suckered into buying some new things and had prepped for it.

Also, he surprised me by going down to the spa the day before and leaving my favorite sparkling wine so I could have it while waiting between sessions.
He seriously is so very thoughtful.
My man is a man of little words, but his actions speak loud!

When I was finished with my massages and facial, I called Justin to let him know I was on the way home. He informed me the babies were about to go to bed, it was nearly 7:30pm and I thought it was a bit early but rushed home anyway to kiss them.

Once home, I was greeted with a decorated house full of balloons, streamers, a banner, little whistles, my own tiara, a cake, and more goodies!

Kie was so cute! He was so proud because he had picked out all my decorations!
It was by far the best 'surprise party' ever.

Justin had even picked up supper at our favorite spot so we had dinner and cake :)
I felt very grateful and blessed by all my friends and loved ones!

as for this week...I'm back to trying to eat healthy again after celebrating and eating too much last week.
The cooler weather has me ready to go out on all the trails again and looking forward to boots, scarves and jeans.

(edit--this is where said old post ended and now to the current updates!)

Like I said, the top portion of the post was from a week or two back...
as for current 'news', we have been battling two very sick kiddos.

Kix went into urgent care last week and found out he had croup.
Kie has also been sick and went to the doctor today.

Thankfully, it should be getting over soon and they SHOULD be on the up and up from their sickness..
Regardless, it's been a rough few days of little sleep for everyone and I've been a worried mama.

As for my fitness aspect, it's been slacking.
I've YET to go back to boot camp since my birthday! Hello! That's awful!
I'm disappointed in myself, but at the same time I did not want to wake my babies up any earlier then I had to while they've been so sick. (They meet me downtown after camp with their Dad and we swap cars!)

Hopefully I can figure out something soon, or better yet, everyone gets well and we get back into the swing of things.

I have been doing some lifting but I need cardio and circuit training to help me lose these 10lbs.
(I could lose 15lbs but I'll settle with 10!)
I have about a billion things I could say about my fitness--or lack thereof, but I'll spare you for now ;)

As for this weekend, we're heading to ACL to see my favorite DJ, KASKADE!!! and about a million other bands.

I love, LOVE ACL! And I'm so glad they moved it later in the year. Now it is cooler out!
I'm pumped to bring the babies to Austin Kiddie Limits and let them enjoy the music scene.

Kie loved ACL a year or two back--and last year we sold our wrist bands beccause I was HUGE and pregnant.
So, I'm excited for this weekend! (The food, people watching and music are some of the best things about the ACL.)
I have a lot to catch up on---but I don't want to run this too long.

I have my DIY project to post and my baby post...
CAN'T BELIEVE my baby is 11 MONTHS!

This is also hodge podge mess--next post will be better...I hope!

until next time,


PS-find me on Instagram! Mommak918--I have been updating there the most! <3 p="">
a little fuzzy, but Carter and Justin out one weekend 
Kix loves his food! Clapping and celebrating every bite!
Justin did a great job hiding my birthday cake.. 
My beautiful cake and lovely gifts and decorations from my favorite boys!
Kix loves finding the perfect book
Kie at the UT game the other weekend. And hey, we won! So maybe he is our new good luck charm?
((It was a bit loud for his sensitive ears)) 
Got this table at a garage sale...and finished it this past weeked...reveal coming soon!
Our show was also on the other week--and I got to catch this cute TV hunk  
Kix loves to help with the laundry...even if it means throwing it out the back door.

Mama needs to get her hair done! For now, I'll call this ombre. 
My babies at COSTCO. Love that store...seriously, I could go there every week. 
My blender bottle came in the mail the other day...YUMMY chocolate/peanut butter protein shake.
An apple a day...
having dinner @ Hyde Park
Kix was not in the mood for anything when he is sick :(

Ghost Tree at Town Lake

Sunset over the city during our walk!

My little handsome 
My beautiful French grandmother, Meme and Kix.
Love them so!!
(Kix's great-grandmother)

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