Sunday, October 20, 2013

Cutest pumpkin in the patch

Oooo hellooooo lovely readers!
Are you reading this, bundled in comfy yoga pants and warm snugly boots?
Are you sipping hot tea by your handsome honey-love?
Are you watching Sunday night football, cheering on your favorite team?
Is the back screen door open, letting the cool Fall air circulate through the house?

Ahhh, I hope so!

Well, this past weekend we tried to take some FALL pictures.
Kie, who I had to wake early from his nap--was not having it.
Does anyone else have a crazy, bi-polar-ish two year old?
I mean, the boy is turning THREE in a WEEK....
But, I hear the 'horrible two's' go to three...soooo, yay for that!
Anyway, Kie wouldn't smile so I got what I can.
And yes, I did bribe him with everything under the sun. (JUDGE ME!) But it didn't change a thing. 
Who would think that I'd have a hard-headed baby?

Anyway, here is an overload of un-edited pictures.
It's real life-NO FILTER :)

Ps, Kix re-enacted the PUMPKIN pictures that Kie took two years ago (btw it was to the date, which I didn't plan that it just happened!) Anyway--there are a lot but they all make me smile because Kix is such a sweet baby and he loved the pumpkins. So I hope you enjoy them as well!

Happy Fall Y'all!!!

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