Friday, September 6, 2013

Body Fat Test Results

So, a few weeks back I posted about how I was doing a hydrostatic body fat test through Camp Gladiator.  In short, we were suppose to do a Nutrition Challenge, where we got our body fat tested for the BEFORE and then 4 weeks later we did the AFTER to see where we end up.

I started the challenge because I needed motivation after coming back from the week at the beach where I drank and ate and was merry.
I was merry...but not merry when I stepped back on the scale.

So, the CG Nutrition Challenge was JUST what I needed.
Except, the timing was bad because I was going to be in Atlanta during one of the weeks.

Regardless of my bad week of eating in Atlanta (and oh, it could of been worse) I tried by best to behave and workout once back in Austin.

The key, was not only eating clean(ish) but also making sure I had adequate protein.  It's easy for me to not to eat meats and proteins, but the body needs them. (If you're really interested in foods and what your body needs, you should check out the DVD or rent it on your tablet, FAT HEAD. It is very educational.) Anyway, I digress...
I needed to keep up my muscle the way, I'm 108lbs of lean body mass!

When you diet and cut calories, your body goes into a starvation mode and usually goes for muscle first for fuel.  So, I knew I needed to keep lifting weights and maintaining a diet high in protein so that my body would use the fat for energy.

So, four weeks, of not so strict diet, but GREAT workouts and constant movement...
helped me de-bloat and lose some.

I lost 5lbs of pure fat!
I did not lose one ounce of muscle.
In fact, I gained .3 ounces of muscle.

I was happy with the results...especially since I was not 100% clean eating.
A few things that worked for me was to in fact, EAT!
 I did not starve myself, but I tried my best to be pretty low-carb. I did make sure to have carbs when we would run longer distances in CG--but really I tried to have a diet high in healthy proteins, veggies and some fruits.

Anyway, I am excited about my results and want to keep pushing myself.  I still am HIGH in fat and would love to get my overall body fat percentage down.
I wasn't going to share this, but my body fat percentage was 30.2%.
THAT IS HIGH, YALL! In fact, it's very unhealthy!

I lost around 2.5% body fat in 4weeks--which the man that ran the test said was impressive since I lost no muscle.
So, currently I'm 27.7% Body fat.

However, I still am in an 'unhealthy' range. I really want to get my body down to 20% of body fat or less. But, I know that requires a lot of work. But, I feel I'm ready to tackle that. There is another testing in October that I plan to do.

This time, I strive to be at least 90-95% clean eating and lift heavier. I want to start Crossfit but I'm unsure if I can juggle that and Camp Gladiator and everything else at 5am everyday. But, I really want to get strong and build muscle.

To me, being skinny is easy simply DON'T EAT!

But, for me...I want to be STRONG. I want to have muscle and definition!
It's something I've always wanted and never really understood how to get it until lately.
I always thought I would have to run for miles and miles to see my muscles...and that's just NOT the case.

In fact, before I got pregnant with Kix--I was running miles and miles and miles. Every Saturday I woke up and ran 7, 8, 9 miles on top of all the running we did at CG....and I was STILL the same size. Now I think I'm finally figuring out how to do what I want to do with my body.
 It's just a matter of GETTING UP and doing it!

Anyway, that's my little exercise rant! ;)

Expect for some BEFORE pictures to come----and hopefully by the end of October I'll have some after pictures!


Lots of pictures...
and my confession ;)

Until next time,
a slightly smaller (by 3%)

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